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How you can enrich our diverse and inclusive community - Essay Example

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Global competency is now becoming the foremost consideration of institutions so that universities are improving their plans and means of implementations to be able to meet the demands of contemporary employments. With this reason, the University of Colorado envisions itself as a…
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How you can enrich our diverse and inclusive community
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Extract of sample "How you can enrich our diverse and inclusive community"

Full Processed for Global Competency Global competency is now becoming the foremost consideration of s so that universities are improving their plans and means of implementations to be able to meet the demands of contemporary employments. With this reason, the University of Colorado envisions itself as a premier university promoting exceptional teaching, research, scholarship, creative works, and service and fostering a diverse and inclusive community. The school is well aware of the enormity of the responsibility and acknowledges that she cannot achieve the aforementioned objectives alone. Therefore, it aims to give the best service students and employees can possibly experience so that in a mutual, though usually unspoken understanding, everyone would do his best to do what is expected.
As a student, I understand that I am expected to do my responsibilities not only for myself but for the school and community as well. In order to support the vision of the school, I commit myself to an understanding of diversity and being respectful of the rights of everyone I engage with, whether students, professors or staff members. I understand that every person has his/her abilities and capabilities and that I am able to learn from them in different manners so, I want to enter the school with great expectation that each minute I spend with the people here, would add to my knowledge and wisdom. Being a part of the vision, I think I can also be a source of information with my life experiences that brought me to a deeper understanding about life and my motivations of becoming an integral part of the school. Understanding that students and employees come from various races, I can contribute to an inclusive community by respecting other races and creating a welcoming atmosphere for them in my presence. I can do my best to work hard in order to eliminate any discriminative words or actions rather have other people help me be molded to my highest potentials, with the diversity of culture, abilities and capabilities other races possess.
I think I can also make a commitment to leadership which means I do not have to be in a recognized position in order to do my obligations as a concerned citizen but that I can contribute to leadership by having the initiative to do what is right. As the school is committed to excellence, I will also do my best not only to acquire knowledge and experience in the school but to join in the commitment of the school and aim to use all my potentials in the attainment of the said goal. I can commit myself not only to the highest academic expectations of the school from me but to the values and attitudes of a good citizen as well. In addition, as my interests are on Environmental Science, I believe I can contribute to the area of research probably specializing in meteorology. One of the core objectives of the school is on research so I understand that there is a mutual passion that I share with the university, which I consider important because then, I could be easily guided by the tried and tested instructions of the school. With this said, I expect to be processed in the University of Colorado Boulder and emerge into the world as a potential in research studies, a well-informed individual of the world we live in, able to work with people around the globe and still able to improve my potentials continuously. Read More
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