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Human Resources Mock Policy Memo: Inclusive and Anti-oppressive policies - Assignment Example

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The main focus of this memo is on the need and merits for adopting more inclusive and explicitly anti-oppressive practices within the Human resources manifesto and the use of information technology resources to achieve the necessary changes in employee policies…
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Human Resources Mock Policy Memo: Inclusive and Anti-oppressive policies
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Extract of sample "Human Resources Mock Policy Memo: Inclusive and Anti-oppressive policies"

Download file to see previous pages The people affected by these biases are unable to participate in society to their full potential and are also denied the opportunities afforded to the dominant groups. Historically, biases have existed on the basis of prominent differences between the majority group and the ‘others’. Gender, sexual orientation, race, economic status, language ability, religious preference, age and ability can all be factors which can be used to unfairly isolate and exclude a group or an individual. But with increasing awareness and call for human rights, public and private groups are making the required efforts to address these disparities. Using an integrated model of anti-oppression practices, communities are getting together to built new systems of society that are more inclusive, accepting and equitable. Upholding the ideas of basic human rights for everyone and rewarding merit equitably, these systems allow everyone to share the benefits and opportunities present. One very important pre-requisite of building such models is to understand the different ways that people may experience oppression and marginalization and then create practices to directly counter these injustices. It is a complex task that requires education, empathy and a conscious decision to address the issues. It is made harder by the fact that oppression can be subtle in it how it affects the marginalized groups and policies that may sound effective on paper may not address the core problems. The main challenge is to protect the traditionally marginalized communities and stakeholders not just from illegal and unethical exclusions but also from the ideas of submission and persecution existing in our traditional hierarchies. Diversity work, in the society or within any organization, has to address the underlying, often implicit, issues of power and privileged that favor one majority group at the expense of all others.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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