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The paper describes one of the most important things I’ve learned. It has been the importance of balance and flexibility in all facets of one’s life. Having managed a department store for seven years, and worked as a sales associate for a hardware store for another eleven years…
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The Combination of Real Practical Work Experience
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 It has been many years since I set out to achieve my educational goal, which is to acquire a bachelor’s degree, but during those years I have gained knowledge and insights that only experience can teach a person. I have been working full time and attending school part time for the past eighteen years. One of the most important things I’ve learned has been the importance of balance and flexibility in all facets of one’s life.
Having managed a department store for seven years, and worked as a sales associate for a hardware store for another eleven years, I have a strong desire to own my own business someday. Seeing the day to day workings of these particular businesses has led me to this decision. In order to realize this dream I will not only need this work experience, but I’ll need a good education as well. My career goal is to put my education and experience to use in owning a small hardware store.
I will graduate from Norwalk Community College in September of this year with a degree in general studies. This degree will not only give me a strong basis by which to start working toward my goals, but it also provides me with a diverse background and allows me a certain level of flexibility in my choices for the future. Having knowledge not only in the logistical side of a business, but also all in all other facets involved in owning business, such as human relations and technical support is crucial. I have found that my courses in mathematics and business at Norwalk Community College have been particularly helpful, both with my current position as a sales associate, and in preparation for my future.
Although this degree is a great start, I feel it is still necessary to continue with my education. This is why I would like to go on to a four year college. I plan to enter college with a major in general studies, as I am not yet ready to choose a specific major. I would like to get a better sense of the overall needs my objectives require before I make such a decision. Majoring in general studies is a very good starting point for me at this time. It will allow me to explore various options while giving me a solid basis to move on to other things. I will then be able to make a wiser decision down the line.
Finding a balance with work, school, and a personal life has been quite a challenge for me over the past years, but it has also taught me a great deal. I have learned that no matter how much you plan, you have to be prepared for setbacks and changes. For this reason I think it is important not to limit myself to a particular course before I am sure what that course will entail, and how it will impact my life.
I am fully aware of the hard work, time, and risk involved in owning a business. Through my years of working I have seen first-hand how difficult it can be. However, I welcome the challenge, and am confident in my ability to succeed, given the opportunity. It will be up to me to dedicate myself to my studies and work, and to take advantage of all opportunities that come my way.
I am sure that my personal, educational, and career goals and objectives will be realized with the help of a Bachelor of Arts degree. Of course, getting this degree alone will not be enough, but the combination of real practical work experience, a well-balanced education, and the determination to succeed will surely help me to reach my goals. Working full time, while attending school, has taught me the importance of diligence, hard work, and flexibility. I welcome the challenges ahead of me. Read More
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