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Education Business Partnership is a household phenomenal in the London's Newham Borough. This resulted into the creation of the Newham EAZ, popularly known as the 4e Partnership. Created in 1999 following a successful bid led by the LEA. Twelve core partners, including Arthur Andersen Consulting, British Telecom, Bull Information Systems and Capita Business Services, together with 26 other partners, integrated to support the proposal…
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Education Business Partnership
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Download file to see previous pages Schools on the other hand supported the initiative unanimously. At the time of the bid, Newham was the most deprived local authority in England, and deprivation in three of the wards in the zone was worse than elsewhere in the Borough. Consequently the aim of this paper is to assess the effectiveness of partnership and the quality and impact on education in Newham. Burke J (1995)
By establishing a strong working relationship with a wide range of partners. The business partners are committed to improving education in the area and also making a vital contribution to the zone's work. Schools are frequently working in clusters and as a result head teachers and governors are increasingly responsible for deciding how the zone's resources should be used. This has led to an increase in the number of initiatives, despite justifiable complaints from teachers that there are already too many. Although communications between clusters are not as good as they should be, attainment is improving at a better rate than elsewhere in the country, even if results remain well below national averages in external examinations for 16-year-olds. This improvement is, in part, the result of zone initiatives. Buss D (1995)
Attendance is now close to the national average in primary schools and teachers are confident about the improvement in behavior that has been achieved substantially by the zone initiatives. At the secondary school attendance is improving, even among pupils with a history of persistent absenteeism. Green away D & Tuck J (undated)

Professional development includes training in lesson observation, and this is improving the quality of teaching and learning in general. Attainment in ICT has improved because teachers are better trained and pupils have access to more and better equipment. At first the activities to promote social inclusion were unsuccessful but the new arrangements are having more impact. Modest expenditure on the arts has raised standards and improved pupils' attitudes to education. Zone support for its one secondary school has been substantial and helped move it out of special measures. Buss D (1995)

Increased Enrolment

Over recent years there has been a significant change in the population of the area, with a growth in the number of families of minority ethnic background and of refugees and asylum-seekers. One zone school, for example, has over 60 languages represented. At the same time there has been substantial regeneration, including a new exhibition centre and housing redevelopment, bringing with it a mix of residents. From the outset the zone included two nurseries, one infant, 16 primary, and one secondary school. Three of the primaries are church schools. A new primary school, Britannia Village, was added in June 2000, shortly after it opened. Burke J (1995

At the time of the bid three of the primary schools and the secondary school were in special measures and one primary school was judged by its inspection to have serious weaknesses. At the time of the inspection three different schools were in special measures and four had been judged to have serious weaknesses. When the zone started, attainment in its schools was below the national average but broadly in line with those in other LEA schools for pupils aged seven. At ages 11, 14 and 16 attainment was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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