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Legal Advice IN THE MATTER OF: L And P OPINION ON BEHALF THE PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN LAND P Introduction This is a legal article discussing different issues in reference to the relationship between L and P. These two individuals are partners by law, and they are planning to start up business…
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Opinion on Behalf the Partnership between L and P
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Legal Advice IN THE MATTER OF: L And P OPINION ON BEHALF THE PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN LAND P Introduction This is a legal article discussing different issues in reference to the relationship between L and P. These two individuals are partners by law, and they are planning to start up business. The article, therefore, advises L on different issues regarding the partnership. This is because L has a poor reputation as a result of terrorist attack in his home country, Spain. On the other hand, P, L’s partner wants to move to U.K with his family so that they can proceed with the partnership peacefully. There is confusion on L's part as they are not sure whether his daughter will have an opportunity to school in U.K; P is also not sure of the family’s welfare in U.K after his partner gets back in Spain1. Since human beings are social beings, partnerships between businesses and interest-based organizations are common and have different combinations. In most cases, the term refers to parties with a target of achieving profits, as well as sharing losses. Regards of investment sectors, all partnerships follow the guideline in commons laws. There is an agreement which ensures that the members’ proceed as set in the laws governing these business organizations. This is in reference to responsibilities, succession, and authority2. Legal advice In reference to the laws governing partnership, it is advisable for to migrate his family to U.K. This is because both parties have equal responsibility and authority over the partnership. Partnerships have no duty to present their consolidated financial records to the public. They also have not restriction as the public co-operation. Each member has a right to look at the flow of cash, stock, evaluating performance and other activities which revolve around organization. If P would opt to stay back in his country, he would have left the partnership to be run by one partner. This idea would be compromising in one way or the other. On the other hand, L would have a lot of work. This is because P would not be available to attend to immediate matters of the organization. This would only be resolved if they are not equal shareholders. The partner with more responsibilities than the other should own more shares to bring the partnership into equilibrium3. U.K is one of the nations in the world with the best education system. D is a young girl, and it would be highly appropriate if she joined a school in U.K. This will enhance her education as well as her growth. The father will enroll her as a foreign student until when he will sure to have the citizenship of the country. The nation is quite famous in welcoming international students. In a total of 1.8 million graduates of year 2010/2011, 400,000 were international school. The government of U.K has also set up schools which are specifically for international students. The nation des not entertain racism as well, in the last 3 decades; this has been the U.K’s objectives. There is also social and cultural practices set up for international students to ensure the preservation of their culture4. It is wise for P not to go to Spain with L. This is because of the criminal record of his partner. In one way or the other, the issue would compromise the partnership. It may lead to detainment of L. Consequently; it is advisable to keep moving from one country to another; it is because it will alter the education of the young girl. Other disadvantages associated with the activity include cost and waste of time. There is evidence that the Spanish are among the leading nations after Germany in reference to racism5. This environment would not offer favourable terms for the growth and development of the young girl. In summary, if L thinks of taking the job to Spain, the best solution to the occurrence is to break the partnership. Establishing a new venture in U.K or going home is an option for L, this is because going to Spain will deter his family's achievements6. It is difficult for the government of U.K to expel L from the country. This is because they have to raise allegation and later prove that he is a victim of the terrorism activity. As a result of the long stay in U.K, it is appropriate for him to apply for citizenship. He has met all the qualification to become the Kingdom’s citizen. There are many reasons that may make it difficult for the government of U.K to expel L; they are rivals with Spain in terms of international integration. L should also stop involving himself with the group because it may affect his plans in any nation7. From this article, different daily challenges are identifiable. When one makes a decision to invest, it is wise to keep the truck with all undertakings to reduce chances of failure through misrepresentation by fraud or errors. It is also advisable to commit yourself to task to ensure that everything goes in line with the objectives. Obstacles to investments should be avoided under all cost be being innovative as well as following the guidelines of the government. The investors should also be highly keen in upholding their reputation; this is a tool that facilitates growth of an infant company in general8. Bibliography Department of Treasury and Finance. Partnership VictoriaGuidanceMaterial: Practitioners’ Guide. June. (Victoria, 2001). Felzer, Sharon. East Asia & Pacific Private Investorsin Infrastructure Perception Surveys. (World Bank Infrastructure Vice Presidency, World Bank, 2005). Leigland, James. Is the Public Sector Comparator Right for Developing Countries? (Gridlines Note No. 4. Washington, DC: Public–Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility, 2008). Ralph, Warner. Form a Partnership: The Complete Legal Guide.(8, illustrated, revisedNolo, 2008). Steven C. Bennett.The path to partnership: a guide for junior associates. (Greenwood Publishing Group, 2004). Tad, Crawford and Susan, Mellon.The artist-gallery partnership: a practical guide to consigning art. (2nd edition, Skyhorse Publishing Inc., 2008). United Kingdom Department of Finance and Personnel.PPP Projects and Procurement Issues.Available: United Kingdom Office of Government Commerce.A Competence Framework for Creating (Effective PFI Projects, 2000). Read More
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