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Policy and Practice in PCET - Essay Example

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The Post Compulsory Education Training is under the Education department in the UK. Mostly it helps the students to further their education. This program mostly covers the young people mostly of the age between 15 and 24 years. It also involves training the young people…
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Policy and Practice in PCET
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Extract of sample "Policy and Practice in PCET"

Download file to see previous pages It was noted that the young people aged between 15-24 years needed much support before they attained their goals. During this time they usually experience so many changes in their lives. This includes physical changes of growth and also in the social settings. In their youthful stages they normally have so many choices and it is normally tricky for them to make a decision. They need much guidance and support. 1
This is where the young people are helped to access the working environment. This helps the young people to get quality skills in different areas. In the past there was the need bridge the gap between what the industry needed and the education sector in general.
The government strived very hard to bridge this gap. The education sector needed to know what was marketable at that time. During the early 80's it was noted that the entire market wanted that the education system systems prepare children to work.
In the early 1980's the local authorities were mostly accused of carrying out controls in the learning institutions. During this time it was noted that what the industries needed is not what the schools produced. It was noted that the knowledge passed on in schools was not quite shallow and quite theoretical and not practical.
This was mostly started in the year 1973. It was aimed at helping the sixteen year olds to get the work experience. The government helped by financing such initiatives. The local companies and industries trained the young on job. This scheme was started on one year basis then later expanded to two years.
Technical and Vocational Education
This was initiated by the government in 1982.In this program the colleges were encouraged to include some practice of the work in their curriculum. Records had to be kept to monitor how the students performed
Critically Assessing
Vocationalising in the PCET has got its own advantages. It helps the young people be equipped with working skills early in life. This helps them to easily access jobs in the society. However it is healthy to note the other side of the coin of this venture. The vocationilising in the PCET is monolithic in nature. It really narrows down the learning process in the aim to meet what the market wants. Knowledge cannot just be narrowed down to a product, it is a process. In vocational education, as long as one gets the skill, that's all. The students lack reflection, insight and critique of things. 2
The PCET normally uses various strategies to widen participation. The widening participation strategy has got objectives like;
The monitoring and tracking of students is done using a system. The system also helps the students who have completed their studies to get employment. This is where the companies the companies that are offering the training services retain the students. This strategy aims at encouraging the young people from backgrounds that are not highly represented to attend the PCET. Partnerships are highly encouraged to widen participation.
The Higher Education Funding Council for England enhances participation in sports by funding the PCET programs. This enables the students from the low class groups in the society to access these services. Mostly the students ask the learning institutions or schools to retain them. The learning institutions normally give advice concerning the opportunities such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Policy and Practice in PCET Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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