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Crosscultural communication and classroom ecology - Essay Example

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Lt m strt my ssy with n opn qustion wht dos 'qul opportunitis' ctully mn for tchrs in th clssroom W know tht this is concpt which w should b wr of nd striv to promot. To do this consistntly w must first think bout th mning nd implictions of qul opportunitis.
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Crosscultural communication and classroom ecology
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Extract of sample "Crosscultural communication and classroom ecology"

Download file to see previous pages Prhps surprisingly, it dos not mn trting ll qully. For xmpl, qulity of opportunity will not ncssrily b nsurd if thos who spk nglish s thir scond or third lngug r ssssd qully ginst thos who spk it s thir first nd only lngug. Th formr my nd dditionl cr nd tching if ssssmnt ginst othrs in thir yr is to hold mning. In this rspct, simply rmoving obstcls from th pth of ll studnts my not b nough to provid ll with qulity of opportunity. Positiv ction (somtims rfrrd to s 'positiv discrimintion') my b ncssry. This involvs crting th circumstncs in which qulity of opportunity cn xist, rthr thn lving it to chnc. For physiclly- disbld studnt, prcticl chngs to th school nvironmnt r ndd (such s rmps instd of stps). pupil struggling with ttntion dficit disordr cn find this disdvntg diminishd or limintd if thy r std s clos to th tchr s possibl nd surroundd by positiv rol modls.
For clssroom tchrs, thr r fw qustions tht cn b focusd on priodiclly to bring ttntion to th issu of qul opportunitis. Th gol is not to work slvishly to th nd for qulity of opportunity but to dvlop nturl instinct for 'sussing out' whn pupils my b indvrtntly disdvntgd. This might b rsult of th work you hv skd thm to do or of thir intrctions in your clssroom.
W ll hv prjudics - it's prt of intrcting with humns. But bing wr of your prjudics prvnts thm from dominting, or dvrsly ffcting, your tching). Cn you think of tim whn you hv unintntionlly discrimintd ithr for or ginst pupil Think bout your prsnttion to clsss, th rsourcs you us nd th tsks you xpct of pupils. Cn you think of circumstncs in your lssons whn ll pupils would hv flt prticulrly mpowrd Might thr hv bn occsions whn som my hv flt dismpowrd Wht fctors might hv contributd to this Is thr vidnc of bullying or 'scpgoting' in your clss(s) r you ctivly bl to promot inclusion (Mlon,2005)
Hv you vr tlkd to your pupils bout how thy viw qul opportunitis in your clssroom Dpnding on th g of thos you tch, this cn b n xtrmly ffctiv wy of gining insight into wht it's ctully lik bing tught by you. Do thy hv n id of wht it mns to b discrimintd ginst Tll thm how importnt it is tht thy fl includd nd providd for. Your profssionl judgmnt will tll you if thir viws hv bn distortd.
Non of this involvs bcoming so proccupid with nsuring qulity of opportunity tht th tsk in hnd (i.. tching) gts nglctd. It is bout bing wr, nd bout mking subtl chngs in prctic whn ncssry. Th widr pictur of your tching nd not b ffctd. ftr ll, you lon cnnot b rsponsibl for qul opportunitis in your school. But your wrnss of th issu could mk ll th diffrnc to th pupils in your cr.
Th thnic mk-up of our ntion hs chngd, nd th mk-up of our univrsitis hs chngd, too. W hv mor intrntionl studnts, nd our domstic studnts r vrid in thnic, socil, conomic, rligious nd culturl bckgrounds. Our job s tchrs is to hlp ll studnts lrn, to mk th clssroom whr ll studnts fl wlcom, rspctd, qully bl to prticipt, firly trtd. It is vry importnt to mk ll studnts fl wlcom.In th minuts bfor clss bgins you cn crt informl xchngs with studnts tht mk thm fl lss nrvous or isoltd.B sur to mk prsonl contct with studnts from undrrprsntd groups so tht thy know thy r noticd nd wlcom.B xplicit with your clss tht you pprcit th divrsity of th studnt body.void trms tht cn sm to b drogtory or slurring.It is vitl to trt studnts s individuls.Don't strotyp studnts nd don't ssum tht womn won't do wll in mth or tht mn don't lik potry or tht thlts rn't intrstd in cdmics.Don't ssum tht studnts from ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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