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Learning Process - Essay Example

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The author of this essay "Learning Process" comments on the place of learning in human's life. As the text has it, learning for human, is a constant and continuing process. The Learning process takes place in different settings, at school, at home and even at work…
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Learning Process
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Extract of sample "Learning Process"

Download file to see previous pages The Learning process mostly depends on experience and leads to long-term changes in behavior potential. Behaviour potential designates the possible behavior of an individual, not actual behavior As opposed to short-term changes in behavior potential (caused e.g. by fatigue) learning implies long-term changes. As opposed to long-term changes caused by aging and development, learning implies changes related directly to experience. Major research traditions are behaviorism, Cognitivist (psychology) and self-regulated learning (Psychology of Learning 2005). Learning has to be periodically reinforced, so that knowledge will not eventually lose in that individual (Learning 2005). Example can be seen in infants and children. Imitation of a role model is a natural mechanism for infants and children, when learning from experience. Childs play is another method for learning by the example of other children, who naturally gain satisfaction by playing the role of teacher or mentor to a less-experienced child (Learning 2005). Learning by teaching, is a method of teaching which allows teachers to share the new lesson contents and let little groups prepare their part in order to teach this contents to the rest of the class (Learning 2005).
In education and psychology, learning theories help teachers understand the process of learning. There are two main perspectives in learning theories, constructivism and behaviorism (Learning Theory 2005). Other informal theories of education deal with more sensible components of the learning process. One of these deals with whether learning should take place as a building of concepts toward an overall idea, or the understanding of the overall idea with the details filled in later. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Learning Process Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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