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Teaching to the Elementary School Children - Essay Example

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In the paper “Teaching to the Elementary School Children,” the author looks at teaching to the elementary school children as the most challenging and responsible job. The teacher’s job is not merely to teach the alphabets and their permutations, but should make the child a better person…
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Teaching to the Elementary School Children
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Extract of sample "Teaching to the Elementary School Children"

Thinking otherwise, students are admitted to the school to learn and not teach the teachers how and what to teach. Any such policies would dominate the mind of the teacher while he is teaching. This would have a severe impact on the overall learning cycle of the child.
Teacher's responsibility lies in making the Students to
Circumspect (as and when needed)
And last but not least Remember what all they have learned through the day.
To do this the teacher has to have a thorough understanding of students and their psychology. A reference to this is made from (National Institute of Education [NIE], 1984) that "Teachers must help students develop skills for adapting to a rapidly changing, interdependent world. This world will demand that students think critically and synthesize large quantities of new information, show sensitivity to diversity, and develop attitudes and skills that promote lifelong learning." 1
To make a student interested in learning, an active environment be provided where students enjoy hands-on and minds-on experiences. This can be achieved when children are made to participate actively in simulations, demonstrations, games, problem solving, experiments, integrating activities, computer usage, and of course writing exercises.
1. Simulation: A simulation not makes teaching easy but also enthuse child to learn more.
2. Demonstration: Demonstration of real things or a picture will have a positive impact on children's minds. If neither a picture nor a real object is available, the child may lose interest in the class and maybe consequently in the overall subject as well.
3. Games: For elementary schooling, Games play a major and long-standing role in a child's interest in studies. Thought and care should be taken, when and where possible, to educate elementary children with games.
4. Problem Solving: 3-1=2 on the paper never interests an elementary child, but 1 chocolate eaten away from 2 chocolates will have its own mathematical impact on the child.
5. Experiments: Action speaks louder than words. Same way experiments infuse more knowledge than mere speech. The experiments to be performed need to be selected carefully by the teacher depending on the grade and the interest of the children.
6. Integrating activities: Activities such as Do-It-Yourself and group activities, either games or extra circular activities will not improve the creativity of the children but also develop game spirit.
7. Computer Usage: Lessons such as Hurricanes, Volcanoes can be better demonstrated on the computer screen. It is learned that computers fascinate young minds more compared to teaching boards.
8. Writing tasks: Whatever is learned should be put on paper. Though the child may have clearly understood a subject/topic, it is the retention of the knowledge that has to be there. Reproducing in a proper way is by far the best way to retain the gained knowledge.
How strong a seed may be, it has to be properly nurtured before it can stand on its own. The same case applies to the children as well. How well the teacher and his methods maybe, but it is the right environment that yields positive results. The environment in the school should be adaptive to learning.
Not only the children are made to actively involve, but they should also be provided with Responsive and caring environments where they feel homely, playful, comfortable, and enjoy caring relationships with their teachers. And the icing on the cake would be caring about their Holistic Development. For this to be achieved, their Basic needs, Parental care, and recreation and relaxation aspects should also be taken care of. 
To address the child's physical, emotional, and cognitive needs, with a special emphasis on teaching children to read, it will always be a practical thing and may be different from all the literature read. It is the teacher who has to take the responsibility of providing the best of knowledge in the environment created to implant the thought of the benefit of learning.
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