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Learning assessment - Essay Example

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DESCRIPTION: This phase of the lesson shall introduce the students to the basics of writing a letter of complaint. Through the understanding that they are to form with regards this particular writing task, it is expected by the educator that the students would have a better chance of reasoning and judgment as to when and why they should actually make the letter.
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Learning assessment
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"Learning assessment"

Download file to see previous pages In this regard the most basic elements of procedural writing should be taught to the students. Writing is an art that is noted as one of the most used expression of the human civilization. It could then be observed that through the numerous written works of different authors of books, of paper articles and other readable materials alike, there is a certain pattern that they follow. Why is it important to make effective use of these procedures' A.L. Trupe says that "Effective intervention results in better papers. Students who are asked or required to spend more time on a paper will think more about their topic, retain more information, and develop more powerful insights" (2001, Internet).Not everyone might easily see this obvious presentation of thoughts in a fine pattern. However, as it has always been said everybody and everything starts with the basics. Through this particular discussion, there are numerous factors that would be considered to be able to identify the essential procedures that even expert or professional writers take into consideration when they are putting their thoughts into writing.
When writingWhen writing a paper, or in this case a letter, there are at least three major preliminary procedures that should be considered by the writer. These procedures are called the "primary procedures". The said procedures include:
(a) Prewriting
Prewriting is the process by which a writer tends to scribble the words in his or her mind on paper. The words may mean nothing yet as they are all serving as key words to the main thoughts of the writer. From this so-called "scribbles" of thoughts, the writer is then able to create a plan on what he or she would more likely focus on in his writing.
(b) Planning
From the "scribbles" comes along the plan of the plot of the idea that is to be presented by the writer in writing. The ways by which the writer wants to layout the topic is done through outlining the primary topics of concern that needs to be addressed within the context of whatever it is that is being written about. Most often than not, this particular stage of writing makes it easier for the writer to see what the expected result of the written article or composition would actually look like.
(c) Drafting
From the outline comes the first-hand draft of the paper. The paper's draft looks like the actual approach of the writing, only that it is a much more basic type. It is a type of the composition that requires refurnishing. Meaning there are a lot of points that still needs to be redone in this particular step in writing. The writer is much freer when it comes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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