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Local School District Policies -- Students and Staff - Research Paper Example

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Local School District Policies - Students and Staff Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 How Policies are Communicated 4 3.0 Implementation and Monitoring of Policy 5 5.0 Policy Impact on School Operations 6 6.0 Policy Impact on School Culture 7 7.0 Spirit and Intent of the Policy 8 8.0 Ensure Enforcement of Policies 8 9.0 Possible Changes of the Policies 9 10.0 Conclusion 11 11.0 References 12 Appendix 15 1.0 Introduction A safe and social environment is required in school so as to learn as well as attain higher educational standards by the students…
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Local School District Policies -- Students and Staff
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"Local School District Policies -- Students and Staff"

Download file to see previous pages The ways through which the policies are executed and monitored have been included in the paper. The paper also covers about the influence of community values on policies and the impact of the policies on the operations of the school. It has also been mentioned about the impact of policy on the culture of the school. The strength of these policies is included along with assurance of implementation of these policies. Certain modifications that are required in the policies have been included in the study. 2.0 How Policies are Communicated The policy of sexual harassment in the school is communicated to parents, students and faculty members by making clear written statement as memoranda which is easily understood by them. It can be shared by means of publishing in local newspaper and school newspaper or magazines (Doty & Strauss, 1996). The policy of personal assessment of teachers is communicated at the time of parents-teachers meet conducted by the school. In such occasions, the performances of the teachers along with the students are highlighted (Churchill Community Foundation School, 2003). The policy of Student Assignment under ‘No Child Left Behind Act’ (NCLB) identifies that if there is proper communication between school and the home then there will be high standard of academic achievement of the students. The school authority may conduct conference among them so that there is a valuable communication between parents as well as teachers and students (Public Education Network, 2004). Then policy of ‘bullying and harassment’ is essential to be communicated to teachers and parents along with students. Proper way of communication is needed to aware each groups regarding the matter. A written document will help to distribute the information regarding the policy to each of them. The policy regarding internet and technology access is communicated so that each one may understand the rules of using such technology in school. The students and teachers are generally informed in schools with written notice and parents are primarily communicated by providing documents in either school newspaper or special letter for parents (Wallsend Campus, 2011). 3.0 Implementation and Monitoring of Policy The policies of these issues are implemented as well as monitored in a systematic manner. The policy is implemented by higher authority of the schools due to the development of certain issues in schools. The policies are implemented after examining the accurate problems that has taken place and the specific policies that may reduce such issues. The personnel from the upper level of hierarchy of the school have the right to implement the policies because they need to think about the welfare of the school, students and faculties (California State University, n.d.). Policy monitoring generally relates to the maintenance of policies after it has been applied. It also refers to the way through which the policy is functioning effectively. The higher authorities monitor carefully whether the executed policies are in a proper way and whether the teachers, students and parents are abiding by the set ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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