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Blank Activities in English Language Teaching - Article Example

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This article “Blank Activities in English Language Teaching” is basically about the use of fill in the Blank technique used as a testing tool. The article discusses the pros and cons of this technique in detail. The article further discusses the importance of English grammar…
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Blank Activities in English Language Teaching
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Extract of sample "Blank Activities in English Language Teaching"

Download file to see previous pages The teachers can make students read the complete context. This activity makes students increase students reading ability, as they need to go to the material thoroughly. In this way, students get to know about the important and keywords used in the context. The more the students read, the more they improve their vocabulary. The teachers get to know about the student's that they take reading seriously or not.
The Fill in the blanks activity is also used in psyche testing. Psyche testing is commonly used when recruiting military persons. Fill in the blanks is used in psyche testing in such a way that the sentence is incomplete and the portion of the sentence has to complete by the student. This technique can easily be evaluated by psychiatrists as they can figure out the person personality and aptitude by looking at the complete meaning which student has tried to deliver. This psychiatrist can judge whether the person has positive or negative thinking.
Fill in the blanks technique is friendly for both students and the teachers. The students do not need to answer the questions in paragraphs i.e. lengthy answers are avoided. For teachers, it is easy for grading of the exam, as there are mostly absolute answers to be filled in the blanks, so they do not need to read long answers and grade them on a relative basis. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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