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Lanes English as a Second Language - Assignment Example

Even though it does not give a specific age, the book is appropriate for any person who can read and write. In addition, it can be used worldwide. The author views the English language as something that can easily be passed from one individual to another through the constructive learning process. He views learning as a process that can easily be achieved as long as one understands the logic and structure. Teaching should, therefore, move from simple basics to more complicated ones to allow the learner understand the logic and structure of English as a language. For instance, teaching should start with the basic meaning of words to compound words and their expanded usage. In addition, the words can be further complicated to explain metaphors, phrases, idioms, and sayings.
The book’s content arrangement shows a transition from simple to complicated issues. For example, it starts with the human body parts, then clothing, food, world, and school. The arrangement enables the learner to learn what is most basic in all life spheres. The book also uses the examples of practical tools that will enable a student transit from the basic naming of nouns to complex use of them in a sentence. For example, the book starts with the naming of the human body parts in the first section. It then goes to the use of the articles "a/an" while referring to the body parts, their singular and plural forms, and the use of other related articles (Lane, 2009: 4).

The book’s approach to teaching English

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The author states that human beings posses a unique dental formula consisting of evenly spaced set of teeth and a complex powerful muscular system that controls and manipulates the movement of the lips. This is helpful in producing labial sounds like [p] and [b] together with dentals like [ɵ] as they are produced with the lips and the teeth.

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as a second language to beginners is by presenting simple basic vocabulary before moving to complicated ones. It entails the use of simple vocabulary that the learners could grasp easily to enable them to learn the complicated English concepts. However, the textbook lives to its intentions through its examples and content since it starts from the most basic vocabularies and adds other words on it to form more complicated phrases and sentences. I would use the book easily and happily as an ESL teacher because of its structure that helps students learn basic things before learning the complex ones. In addition, the images used in the exercises make the learning process easier.


The present paper is an analysis the book “Lane's English as a second language” written by Richard Lane. Lane Press is the publisher of the book, and it is in its fourth edition. The first edition was published in 1977 while the current was in 2009…
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Lanes English as a Second Language
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