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The Pace and Timing of Teaching Modern Foreign Language in Secondary Schools in England Every British child has a right to foreign language. Learning the modern foreign language (MFL) is increasingly becoming more important than ever before. This is due to the increased globalization of the world that requires knowledge of other foreign languages…
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Pace and timming in Modern foreign language
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Download file to see previous pages This necessitates promoting modern foreign language education in the country to enable the English children interact and do business effectively with other people who do not understand the English language spoken by the English natives. In addition, teaching modern foreign language will ensure that Britain has enough graduates in modern foreign language that will help in translation and interpretation of foreign language. Despite the increasing need of additional graduates in modern foreign language, the entry of British students into A-level and degree programs in modern foreign language have plummeted. In fact, this situation is a concern to everyone in the country, including ministers, exam officials, and university representatives (Ratcliffe 3). The reason behind the decline in students taking modern foreign language in Britain is not well known. However, the truth remains that imparting British students with modern foreign language skills is crucial thus should be a priority. Even though the country is encouraging students to learn modern foreign languages, such as Spanish, French, and Italia among other modern foreign languages, most teachers still face enormous challenges teaching modern foreign languages. ...
This discourse will discuss the important and effectiveness of timing and pacing in teaching modern foreign language in British secondary schools. Pacing and timing may appear simple in words. However, it poses a great challenge to most teachers of modern foreign language. Teachers of modern foreign languages throughout British secondary schools have reported this. In spite of the challenges that teachers face in teaching foreign languages, pacing and timing are very important in imparting knowledge to students. One of the most important aspects of timing and pacing in teaching modern foreign language is that it creates a sense of urgency. Dixie argues that the true art of timing and pacing lie on a sense of urgency created (par. 4). It also ensures that students taking modern foreign language are kept abreast of what is required of them. As such, teachers of modern foreign languages are advised to think diligent pace and appropriate timing and refrain from creating hectic pacing. Thinking diligent pace is important it feels right for most students learning modern foreign languages. For instance, using a timer on the desk may be of help to teachers of MFL since it helps the teacher determine the length of time it should take in teaching a certain lesson. For instance, in case a teacher asks a group a question in classroom, he or she must not expect to receive the answer to the question immediately. This is because members of the group will have to consult among themselves before coming up with a single answer. Therefore, when a teacher asks a challenging question in a MFL classroom, it is important to give some time, probably around five minutes for the students to respond. Teaching at the right ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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