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Quality Assessment and Evaluation Models (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) (Date) Quality Assessment and Evaluation Models Online education is a popular educational learning method that is offering a favorable learning environment for learners globally (Weston, 2007)…
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Download file to see previous pages By comparing the traditional education, learning process that requires students to meet face to face with their instructors for their courses online education tends to be the most reliable learning management system (Unrau, 2003). The swift development of the online education program, tutors have the task and responsibility to assure quality and effectiveness of online education. For online education to be a successful program, the designers have the duty to ensure that the learning management structure is reliable and flexible. This ensures that the student’s interests are inspired and activated for them to acquire knowledge and skills effectively and efficiently. Although, the online learning system has benefits to both instructors and students, its establishment and management have faced by various challenges. However, there various efforts that have been put in place to make sure consistent and effective quality of the curriculum especially for the online education. The online education management has put in place the Integrative Learning Design Framework (ILDF), quality matters and the Online Course Evaluation project. The Integrative Learning Design Framework is a constructivist design process where views from all the participants and their feedback of the design, development and the implementation process are considered. The ILDF has four phases the exploration phase, enactment phase, evaluation phase and the reflection phase. In the exploration phase investigation is done on the extent to which the online learning program would be designed and implemented. However to do so there are a number of factors that should be considered like the needs of the Students and the instructors, both teaching and learning challenges and the cultural, social and organization factors that would hinder the design development and implementation. The enactment phase this phase depends on the information gathered from the exploration phase and all the determinants are considered the prototype is designed (Monroe, 2010). The evaluation phase is the next stage in ILDF where the designed prototype is analyzed whether it is user friendly and valid to handle the challenges of the instructor and learner challenges. The reflection phase is where the participants analyze the experiences they went through during the designing process. Benefits of evaluation systems in online learning management Due to globalization, there has been an influx of online courses offered by international schools. However, most of these institutions do not offer quality education systems. There is also the presence of fakes who use the internet to offer online course to unaware online learning students. With the help of the evaluation techniques, the online designers are able to put away these counterfeit. Through the evaluation systems, the designers and participants of the implementation of the online system have pointed out the various grounds that affect the online system counterfeits. Through online learning system, learners are now using videos to make the learning system more effective. According to research, the brain of humankind is able to capture more details with the help of videos. Online has become more effective especially on the ground of effective communication between the professors and the students. The online learning system is been used by both students and teachers to make their work easier in the education background. Through online the teacher is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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ILDF Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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