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Developments aimed at increasing the number of tourists going to Miami - Research Paper Example

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Miami is a city located on the Atlantic coast in Southeastern Florida. Because of its location and tropical climate, Miami is a large tourist attraction site in itself…
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Developments aimed at increasing the number of tourists going to Miami
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Extract of sample "Developments aimed at increasing the number of tourists going to Miami"

Download file to see previous pages The city is known for its famous beaches, sunny weather, luxury hotels, its numerous nightclubs and a number of fun activities that tourists can enjoy. However, there is a lot that can be done to help boost the tourism industry in the city. This paper will focus on two potential developments for the area that will facilitate in tourism attraction. These developments will benefit both local and international tourism in that the developments are essential to the well being of human being. These developments include affordable vacation homes for hire/rent and medical facilities for medical tourism. 2. Affordable vacation homes Accommodation is one of the most expensive necessities when traveling. This is because most tourists have no choice but to stay in hotels during their visit. According to (Simpson 2012: 32), the number of beds in most hotel rooms is two. This is usually not suitable for families or large numbers of friends visiting an area. This results to a lot of money being spent on accommodation, money that could be spent on other fun activities during the visit. He goes on to say that, some disadvantages of staying in hotels like long lines at the reception when getting a room, the remoteness of some hotels and the noise from traffic or the city are some of the reasons why people dislike traveling. This is because people leave their homes to relax on their vacations, but they end up hustling. In the long term, this leads to less people traveling both locally and internationally due to the high cost of accommodation in these hotels per night and the process involved in checking in and out of hotels (Becker 2013:15). The development of affordable vacation housing in Miami will attract more tourists in the area because these will represent their homes away from home. The vacation houses will vary in cost depending on the number of bedrooms i.e. 1 to 4 bedrooms. Tourists will have an opportunity to live as they live back home with their own privacy and space at an affordable price. The housing development will resemble a normal neighborhood the only difference being that the houses will only be rented to tourists and not locals for residence. The cost of this development will be approximately $15 Million according to (Ogershok 2004: 35) for 10 vacation homes that are fully furnished. The homes will also be very close to the beach in a secure location away from other residential houses. This recommendation has been welcomed and criticized by the public. These were the findings from an interview conducted on the views of the public regarding this development. Most people think it is a good because the affordability of the homes will attract more tourists to Miami, and development will be unique in that the project has not been done before in Miami and that aspect will promote more tourists in the area. Other people said that the houses may remain vacant during the low season and that some tourists may not want to have a home setting while they are away from home on vacation. The sustainability of this development will be quite easy and cheap. This is because the houses will only need occasional checkups for plumbing, wiring, gardening and other things that would need to be checked. This will be cheap because what will be required are the occasional repairs, which will not be too many. The tourists hiring the houses will have to sign an agreement that makes them responsible for damages to the houses that they will cause during their stay. This will facilitate the houses durability in their new form for a long time. The houses will only ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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