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Historical Analysis paper - Essay Example

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Name Professor Course Date Southeast Asian Nannies Abused in California The United States has seen massive economic developments over the past number of years. The reason behind this is the high number of innovations and the attitude of hardwork that the residents of this country have portrayed…
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Historical Analysis paper
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Download file to see previous pages This has led to different people entering the country in an effort to find a means of livelihood. One of the greatest jobs that arises from the men and women of the United States getting employment in major companies is that of a househelp to take care of the house when the owners are absent. Many of the nannies in the United States come from Southern Asia in search of employment opportunities, and it is important to go through the various different cases of abuse that nannies go through specifically in California as compared to nannies in other parts of the United States. One of the areas with the highest number of abuse cases for nannies is California. The reason for this is that the local state authorities through the various institutions are yet to come up with a well-set system that advocates for the freedoms and rights of these immigrant nannies. In the United States, New York has the least amount of nanny abuse cases (Ann 104). The reason for this is that the local government in collaboration with national human rights groups has joined hands and instituted laws that ensure that the nannies receive quality treatment. One of the issues of abuse that nannies in California encounter as opposed to nannies in New York for example is working hours. Initially, many local nannies in the United States used to work for around sixty hours a week without any extra salary for the overtime hours. Just like California, New York has a very large population working in large corporations, and these people are often so busy that they forget the responsibilities that they have in ensuring that these Southeast Asian nannies receive the right amount of treatment. Around 10 years ago, New York did not have any instituted laws to govern the rights of these nannies and many times they were neglected and overworked. In late 2010, however, the New York Nanny Law came into action. Since then over 80 serious cases of househelp abuse have received a hearing from the responsible courts and have led to the payment of around 250000 dollars of unpaid wages for the workers (Watson & Virtamen). California is completely different from New York in terms of the advocacy of nanny rights. After the working of the law for two straight years in New York, activists sought to introduce the law in California that had shown a large increase in nanny abuse cases. This has, however, proved difficult with many excuses coming from local authorities. One of the most expansive excuses provided is the issues of funds. According to the California local authorities, the state does not have enough funds to go through the legal process of enacting this law stating that it requires a lot of labor and resources in order to get the message across to all households despite the presence of social and print media that are most effective in delivering the information. The authorities further claim that the process would appear slow as opposed to New York that has many of the households as apartments. Another challenge posed by the authorities is the fact that the labor industry is decentralized and fragmented, and the issue of nannies is personal. Being a private issue, engaging in discussions or rather activities that seem to violate this is a crime against the law. The New York Nanny Law has also made great strides regarding the health treatment of these nannies. At the beginning of the 21st century, the state of New York had a very large number of immigrant deaths. This raised an alarm and people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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