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Qualitative desertion review and analysis about the impact of music videos on girls - Essay Example

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Epistemologically, the researcher shows great sense of knowledge on the subject of the impact of music videos on girls. This was done by creating a theory of knowledge that was based and structured around the use of several works of existing literature and also through an attempt to undertake independent thorough investigations on the subject matter…
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Qualitative desertion review and analysis about the impact of music videos on girls
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Extract of sample "Qualitative desertion review and analysis about the impact of music videos on girls"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher presents questions based on the literature review. This means that a more inductive approach rather than a deductive approach was taken towards the study. What this means is that in terms of the research questions, the researcher did not create or develop a hypothesis out of which a theory was generated through literature review. Rather, the researcher took a theory through literature review and critically synthesized it to develop a hypothesis based on the research questions (Alvesson, 2002). In effect, the questions were presented in a way that way used provide the researcher the opportunity of modifying existing theory in literature. A major advantage with the methods of the study was that the researcher made use of a snowball sampling method, which generally permitted that a group of available respondents be critically scrutinized for their appropriateness in providing the researcher with the nature of variables that were needed to be tested in the study. This is because the researcher was particularly focusing on at-risk girls and so did not have to use a sampling technique that would bring in respondents who fell outside this domain. What is more, a triangular data collection approach was devised by the researcher in ensuring that data collection was approached from as many preambles as possible so that the testing of results could be internally valid. A research protocol was presented to give the reader an idea of how the researcher’s process was carried out. Through the research protocol, it was established that a triangulation method of data-gathering was devised to make the researcher look into variables such as the cultural...
The researcher rightly identified that dealing with at-risk adolescent girls was a difficult situation and thus the need to observe maximum ethical adherence (McIntosh, 2003). This is because the as the researcher notes, “at-risk population are heavily protected by state and national privacy laws, organizational bylaws, and staff concerns about exposing these children to additional harm” (p. 108). In line with this, all necessary ethical processes were followed such as the use of several months in seeking official permission from the appropriate quarters for the study. In some cases, permission was not granted and in such instance the researcher did not force her way out with collecting data from such organizations. The researcher rightly admitted that collecting qualitative data of this nature could be extremely challenging on the validity of the study because they did not make use of empirical and statistical approaches which are objective and easily interpreted universally. To this end, a series of actions were taken to ensure the validity and reliability of the study. For instance a pilot study was conducted to test how best the data collection approach aided in collecting the identified data in the research problem (Dunning, 2004). Again, there was the evaluation of multiple forms of evidence in the data collection approach, making it possible for the efficacy of the various data collection tools to be tested. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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