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As the paper outlines, Lynn and Spinney observe that the number of girls involved in criminal activities has increased. However, much of the focus has been on the boys when developing programs aimed at reducing the involvement of the children in crimes and juvenile justice systems…
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Download file to see previous pages Lyman and Spinney are right on the assertion that past researchers have focused on the boys and disregarded the participation of the girls in delinquency and juvenile deviance. The result of such studies is that programs that would otherwise guide girls to empowerment and prevent them from falling into crimes have been disregarded. The outcomes of the study would have a positive impact on society since it will map out areas of interventions. The policymakers can rely on reports to attune the current program to meet the specific needs of the girls. However, the authors should have done more and analyze the rate of crimes in girls depending on races and incomes. For example, it would be useful to ascertain the level of delinquency in girls living in poor communities as compared with the affluent. Past data shows that black girls suffer higher incarceration rate compared to whites. Studying the group can give a spatial understanding of the distribution of the crimes among the Hispanic, Natives, black girls and the white majority. Evidently, the challenges facing a white girl in America could be very different from that of a black, Hispanic or black. Therefore, the program that should be developed from the study has to be fine-tuned to address the specific challenges of the girls by race (Bright, Hurley & Barth, 2014). The importance of carrying out the research on the involvement of the girls in criminal activities and preparation of the report can be tied to various news reports that have highlighted the problem. The report is crucial because other studies show that girls are the largest expanding segment of the juvenile justice population. In other words, the number of girls on probation and incarceration is increasing. Furthermore, if nothing is done, the number of girls in juvenile delinquency will match that of the boys if nothing is done to stop the negative trend. In addition, Lynn and Spinney (2009) in the report argues that have unique development and needs as compared to the boys. Moreover, Lynn and Spinney (2009) argue that the current juvenile system is based on a boys program that fails to appreciate the unique developmental and psychological challenges of the girls as compared to the boys. Evidently, the number of women in American prisons have been increasing. However, much of the attention by civil groups have paid to the male gender. Fair enough, the rate of crimes committed by men is thrice that of women. Therefore, it is to focus much of the energy there, especially empowering young American boys. The unintended result of paying attention to the boys is that the rate of crimes committed by the girls has increased. Observantly, the programs designed to address the specific needs of the women are non-existent. Developing such a plan could help match the decline in crimes committed by males and females. Essentially, according to FBI crime records, the number of offenses perpetrated by girls are on the rise. No measures have been taken to address the emerging threat. Therefore, the research is justified, because it aims to find the risk factors that cause girls to commit the crimes and institute appropriate defensive measures.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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