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INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT Project Name: How Food and Nutrition Advertisements Influence the Perception of Adolescent Girls on their Eating Habits and Nutritional Status Reference Code: _ Interview/Tape #: _ Interviewer: PhD student in Secondary Education at The University of Akron Interviewee(s): 12th Grade Students – Senior of North High School Contact Information: _ Date and Time of Interview: Sunday, November 24/13 at 10:00-12:00 am Location of Interview: _ Brief description of interview topics transcribed: The interview was used as a primary data collection tool t…
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Feild note
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Download file to see previous pages There was also the topic of female perception, which looked into the kind of ideas that adolescent girls develop after listening to and reading various kinds of advertisements. Then there was the topic of purchasing behavior, which centered on the trend of purchases made by adolescent girls in relation to what they hear from advertisements. Finally, there was focus on the effect of the decisions that girls take after acting to various forms of food and nutrition advertisements. Level of accuracy of transcription and transcription conventions: (Here you should note how accurate the transcription is and what factors affected this level. You should also note your own conventions used such as using all caps for emphasis, line breaks for pauses, etc.) The transcription can be said to be highly accurate given the strategies put in place to influence the level of accuracy with the practice. In the first place, as much as the researcher made on-the field transcription, the interview was also tape recorded with permission. This ensured that where there were lapses with the on-the field transcription, this was made up after the researcher went home. Whiles undertaking the transcription, there were clues that were personally developed to make interpretation easier. For instance CAPS were used to depict emphasis ___________________________________________________________________________ (Transcript begins below) Time Transcript (Start of Interview) Interview 1 Interviewer: Have you ever had the chance of buying the food and nutritional products that you consume on a day-to-day basis? Interviewee: Umm, I do have a chance to buy food and nutrition products that I use on daily basis. Umm… I yah I do……I go to the store and when I see them there I sometimes purchase them and sometimes I do not ….yeah. Interviewer: What role do your parents play in the purchasing decisions that you make? Interviewee (student A): My parents play a very important role in the purchasing decisions that I make, especially my mom. Umm…. She tries to get me to be healthier. This is different to my dad, who will… umm… actually get me junk food to eat. Interviewer: Through which channels do you often hear about the kinds of food and nutritional products and services that you patronize? Interviewee (student A): I hear about them on TV mostly. Umm… I see advertisements for healthy fruits that would be good, not just you know non healthy stuff, which is what mostly attracts me. Interviewer: When you listen to food and nutritional advertisements, what are the specific things you hear about particular products that make you choose to purchase some? Interviewee (student A): The specific things I hear about the foods that I would buy like that would make me want to choose to buy it is how healthy it can be for me and if it tastes good or not. Interviewer: Does the frequency at which you hear about a particular food or nutritional produc ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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