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How Effectively do UEL Undergraduates Plan Their Future - Case Study Example

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The author of the present case study "How Effectively do UEL Undergraduates Plan Their Future" states that the University of East London commonly known as UEL is an excellent place for some of the finest minds among the globe. UEL was established in 1892…
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How Effectively do UEL Undergraduates Plan Their Future
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Extract of sample "How Effectively do UEL Undergraduates Plan Their Future"

Download file to see previous pages This is a small scale research project where I have chosen two different data collection methods they are questionnaire and interview among from three different data collection methods the last one is observation approach. This research is very important for the undergraduate students of UEL as well as the organization which ready to come to the campus to recruit these students and for faculties also. For students that they can evaluate themselves and start thinking straight for their future, teachers can have a clear perspective and view about their students thought process and it will be easy for them to help students accordingly. For industry recruiters that they can evaluate and find the right mind for the right kind of profession in their respective organization.
For this research, I used both the pillars of marketing research they are primary and secondary research approach. For primary research, the best way to complete that is survey method. For data collection approach as I said earlier that among the three different approaches (Questionnaire, Observation, and interview), I choose two of them like Questionnaire and Interview methods. For students, I chose questionnaire data collection method as they have enough time and patience to do that. But for industry experts and human resource management of various industries as they do not have that much time to evaluate each question and they are professionals so I chose to take interview data collection approach. One to one personal interview is a costly and time-consuming one but this interview is best suitable for the qualitative answers from the professionals. As it is small research so while on data analysis I have to take the help of secondary research as well. Quantitative questions are close-ended type in nature here the response from the respondents will be premeditative and there will be no chance of uncertainty. So compiling of these data will easier as the results are predetermined in nature. But for qualitative responses, a response will be explorative and descriptive in nature. Primary research can be descriptive, explorative, causal or very casual in nature. Descriptive research will be at that time when the researcher is doing research on a broader topic which base is situated among several topics but for explorative research, the topic needs to be out of the box kind of and very few or no previous research is done on that topic. Here researchers need to look forward to innovative responses and need to explore various approaches. For causal research, the researcher will research on the cause and effect of a given problem or research project. 
The most appropriate sampling method is simple random sampling technique. For the students of UEL close-ended, quantitative, questionnaire method is the best suitable sample technique and for industry experts and human resource department of various organizations qualitative, open-ended, interview method is best suitable. As two type of research methods are taken for two different target groups, so questionnaire also will be split up into two different modules. For questionnaire research method the close-ended quantitative questions will be served among the twenty undergraduate students of UEL. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(How Effectively Do UEL Undergraduates Plan Their Future Case Study)
How Effectively Do UEL Undergraduates Plan Their Future Case Study.
“How Effectively Do UEL Undergraduates Plan Their Future Case Study”, n.d.
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