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Compre and contrast education of a coach and quiet strength - Essay Example

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Instructor Date Book review: Leadership and coaching styles Quiet Strength The author of the book, Tony Dungy usually wanted to leave a legacy. He hoped to claim the title of being a committed Christian and a servant of the Lord. However, he was one of the most successful NFL coaches the league has ever seen…
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Compre and contrast education of a coach and quiet strength
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"Compre and contrast education of a coach and quiet strength"

Download file to see previous pages From the book, the author also highlighted coaching skills which mainly focused on character creation and considering the influence of God as a leader and a source of direction. The novel bases its creation of coaching skills in three main points: No excuses, No explanations Coach Dungy always wanted his players to take responsibility of all the actions they take up. In his argument this would make them great men not just great players. Taking responsibility of their actions created a perception in them to be responsible in life not just as players. In this coaching tactic, he encourages them to live by the word of Lord; the truth shall set you free (Dundy & Whitaker 114). He teaches his players to stop blaming others and from this is the only way they could be free and happy with their actions (Dundy & Whitaker 114). The Lord always gives us direction if we just have enough faith Dungy recognizes the influence and importance of God throughout his life and he wanted to replicate this success by enlightening his players on the importance of believing in the grace of God (Dungy & Whitaker 40). When he was sacked as the coach of Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he viewed this as a direction God has planned for him (Dungy & Whitaker 40). ...
In Quiet Strength leadership tactics are also connected to those bearing characteristics of being able to retain a good relationship with God as well as people in the community. Dungy does not view his leadership and coaching responsibility for not only being able to win trophies and league games by the views his post as one supposed to be helpful to the society(Dungy & Whitaker 8). He practices social responsibility by ensuring he addresses issue in the community and enabling community members realize their importance in life. For instance, after the death of his son he realized the community had a deficiency in empowering its young population (Dungy & Whitaker 8). He empowered young people and enabled them to face life challenges in a more responsible way. He also enables parents who face the same challenges as him in regards to loosing a son face the situation in a more positive way (Dungy & Whitaker 8). “The education of a coach” David Halberstam was also an exceptional coach and leader as his influence in the NFL remain significant to date in regards of his success story and relationship with his players. The coach however, focused more on building tactics based on the game rather than focusing on creation of great personality of his players. He believed that success in the game would replicate success in every other aspect of life. Since he was a child, he had the passion to be football sportsman and help from his father made this dream a reality (Halberstam 50). He grew up analyzing the game and analyzing the tactics from each and every game he watched. In most cases he was referred to s the chalk man, this was in regard to his tactful prowess and his drawing and writing character when he explained to his players what they had to do (Halberstam 40). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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