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Educational Policy [Name] [University] Educational Policy 4. How does what you have found out about Ball help you to understand his evolving position as stated in the two position papers? (approx. 200 words) Stephen J. Ball has extensively researched in the area of educational markets, privatization of institutions, educational policy making and the influence of politics…
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Educational Policy
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Download file to see previous pages According to him the educational system was getting more and more influenced by the changing political scenario. Contrary to this, in his paper written in 2011 he has argued upon the importance of leadership and values in the current educational institutions. He has thoroughly discussed the changing nature of schools while stating that more research is required in order to resolve educational issues. Ball’s position has actually evolved from the first to the second paper because initially he was considering educational system as a weak social institution but later in 2011 he analyzed that institutional policies have greatly changed and they are now strong enough to be compared with any successful business (Ball, 2011, p.50-52). 5. Identify the main points that Ball makes in the paper he wrote in 2011. Be careful to use your own words to show your understanding and avoid direct citation from the text. (approx. 600 words) In his paper ‘A New Research Agenda for Educational Leadership and Policy’ written in 2011, Ball makes some significant points in relation to the research issues and education policy for English. He has critically analyzed three unified variables including ownership, interests and values, and leadership. Moreover, he has discussed the necessary skills and cognitive thinking required by contemporary researchers and business analysts (Ball, 2011, p.50). Leadership Over the time leadership skills especially for the school managers have changed drastically. For instance, the modern educational institutions are now exposed to the management freedom and role enhancements particularly in the area of public administration. Hence entrepreneurial heads are emerging. These individuals are specifically working for the betterment of deficient schools in order to help the disadvantaged groups of the society (Ball, 2011, p.50-51). Contrary to this there are also corporate heads appointed by the major sponsors. For instance, Ark and Harris operate their companies on the basis of some regional offices headed by a particular office which ensures the economies of scale, standardization and values. These companies are also involved in the supply of chain heads or corporate heads.In addition to this there is also an emerging concept of category heads that are fundamentally responsible to look after different branches of schools working under the same trust or non-profit organization. They are also involved in supporting failed educational centers. These developing approaches in leadership are incorporated with identity and loyalty (Ball, 2011, p.50-51). Interests and Values Contemporary organizations are introducing new career sectors, for instance, management practiced by boundary spanners. Consider E-Act, which is forming educational standards through making a close association with local authorities and parents. However, this process becomes more and more challenging with the involvement of private associates which increases the tension among students, parents, sponsors, shareholders and employees (Ball, 2011, p.51). For instance, WS Atkins discontinued its services to Southwark LA as a result of shareholder and share price ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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