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Educational Enquiry - Essay Example

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Title: A New Research Agenda for Educational Leadership and Policy Course: Date: 7th November, 2013 The relation between Ball’s biography and his evolving positions that have been presented in the two position papers From the review of Ball’s curriculum vitae, it is evidently clear that he is a very accomplished scholar who has successful completed numerous courses that have contributed to his enriched knowledge about the educational sector…
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Educational Enquiry
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Extract of sample "Educational Enquiry"

Download file to see previous pages In regards, to appointments and work experience it is evident from the curriculum vitae that Ball has held various key positions in numerous institutions that are largely academically or educationally oriented. The academic qualifications and work experience of Ball helps in understanding his evolving position because of the fact that he has had a long participation or involvement with the education sectors that are even beyond the borders of the United Kingdom and his positions in the two papers talks about the evolutions that are being witnessed within the education sector. For example, in the position paper that he published in 2011 he talks about creating a new research agenda for educational leadership and policy, and this can be well understood from the previous research studies that he had written and contributed to, which alluded to a pending shift on the English education policy. The main points presented in the Ball’s 2011 article that was titled “A new research agenda for educational leadership and policy” To begin with, Ball (2011) wrote the article with primary intent to bring to the attention of researchers in the field of leadership and education policy about the new emerging research issues and the pertinent research questions that could help in understanding these emerging research issues in the English education policy. Therefore, the arguments presented by Ball (2011) in this article were mainly geared for use by researchers in the field of leadership and education policy but it could be applied further to researchers in other countries. At the start, Ball (2011) acknowledged the fact that there has been some changes and development in the English educational policy, which have lead to a subsequent change in the way learners are educated and even the way learning institutions are managed. Therefore, it is for this reason that there needs to be a radical change in the approach through which research studies are conducted on the English education policy so as to address pertinent problems and come up with solutions that are in tandem with the changed or the newly formed education landscape. From a wider perspective, it is can be stated that Ball (2011) was advocating for a paradigm shift on the research methodology that is normally applied by researchers in the field of leadership and educational policy since there is need to develop new research skills, data collection tools, and also exploit news locations for obtaining research questions. Ball (2011) suggested that the new research methodology that should be adopted by the researchers should integrate business and financial analysis, which means that the researchers should become conversant with the analytical analysis of an education policy from a business and financial perspective. This new research approach is promoted by the fact that the education sector has in the recent past witnessed increased incorporation of commercial players who were previously confined to the private school sector and thus, there is need to look at the education policy from the financial/ money side. According to Ball (2011), one of the key research issues that researchers should critically consider on English Educational Policy is the leadership within learning institut ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Educational Enquiry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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