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Education - Educational Enquiry - Essay Example

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TMA03: Research Design and Data Production Applied on TMA01 and TMA02 By (Name) (Module title and number) (Subject) (Professor) (Date) TMA03: Research Design and Data Production Applied on TMA01 and TMA02 Research design is very important in studies as it allows the researchers to carefully and accurately examine their chosen topics of investigation…
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Education - Educational Enquiry
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Download file to see previous pages The data then must be subjected to statistical analysis for verification of the percentage error in it and various tests and measuring scales can also be used to check out the results reflected by the data (Peers 1996, p. 1). With the analysis of the data, the researchers then can elaborate on the details of their study and successively make a conclusion and recommendation. With the recommendation in mind, follow-up studies can be made based on the suggestions given by the past researchers shown in their reports and papers. For the paper on TMA03, the discussion will focus on the details regarding the research design and data production and on how to apply the concept upon the past articles on TMA01 and the topic on TMA02. The paper then will be divided into two tasks as the first task will cover the articles from TMA01, while the second task will focus on the topic of TMA02 and elaborate on it. On TMA01, a pair of articles was chosen and those would be subjected to some questions which comprised the first task of the paper. The first task then will cover the transparency of the research conducted by the authors of the chosen articles. Next, the rationale will be checked as to whether it is connected to the methodological approach used by the authors of the articles. Then, an alternative design will be suggested that may better fit the studies conducted by the authors of the chosen articles. Lastly, the data collection practice of the authors of the chosen articles will be analyzed and some suggested alternative methods will be provided and discussed. The paper talks about research design and data production which will be applied on two articles used in TMA01. Research design is about putting a scientific question into an experiment to test its validity (Matthews and Kostelis 2011). The framework of the experiment then is dependent upon the questions that serve as guidelines. Each design then has its own strengths and weaknesses. It does matter when researchers are going to choose the right design for their particular study. Once they have chosen the framework, then they have already created the blueprint for their study to undertake (Craig 2009, p. 89). They usually have questions as guidelines like what are the questions needed for the accomplishment of the study, what information are related and needed for the research, what data must be obtained and how to process and study the collected data. It can then be divided into various types of designs from fixed to flexible frameworks. Those are known as qualitative and quantitative research designs. Fixed and flexible designs can then be both quantitative and qualitative research designs (Madeyski, 2010, p. 5). Flexible research designs provide the space for adjustments which give the researchers the chance to make some changes in the process or methodology. On the other hand, fixed designs are rigid which makes it difficult for researchers to make some on-the-spot changes. It also requires the design to be finalized before doing the data collection. Its advantage is the freedom to adjust especially for the qualitative variables. The downside of having fixed design is the opportunity to change once controlled and experimental variables are identified because fixed designs are heavily patterned after theories ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Education - Educational Enquiry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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