Application for DBA (Doctorate of Business administration) - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Personal Statement: DBA Program Education, in the modern world, is one of the success factors for any human being. There is a dire need to achieve the highest possible degree to stay knowledgeable and have attraction for the business market. Being knowledgeable, as well as knowing the practical applicability of the learnt concepts, are two basic requirements to be successful in a personal business or in the capacity as a part of a larger organizational structure…
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Application for DBA (Doctorate of Business administration)
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Download file to see previous pages To me, business administration is the field that grabbed my attention and attracted me to gain more knowledge and become one of the successful professionals in this discipline. Hence, my personal interest is the factor that led to my choice of Doctorate of business Administration program. My academic choices are influenced and highly affected by the living standard I opt and the lifestyle I aim to achieve. Since, the modern competitive business environment requires more knowledge, skill and experience of a person to standout against the wider labor force available in the market; I choose to achieve a Doctorate degree in Business Administration. This degree will help in being distinct and preferable over others having lower level degrees and less practical exposure. Since the DBA program is designed in a manner to increase professional skills and practice, I would be better off with the degree to claim my expertise in the job market. I have always liked performing a real interactive role in my capacity as a student, teacher or a family member. I like interacting with people, resolving their disputes, planning and managing tasks and achieving the aims. Businesses are faced with such situations in abundance, hence I see myself fully equipped with the skills and capabilities to play a vital role in any business environment. Doctorate degree in business administration would further enlighten me of the practical situations that exist and strike businesses in the modern and globalized environment. It can simply be said that this degree would not only enhance my knowledge but will also polish my existing skills to be utilized more efficiently in the practical business environment. I will benefit from the DBA program as the assessment criteria would identify my weaknesses and provide me with the steps and suggestions to overcome them. The weaknesses may be related to my leadership style, way of thinking or dealings with people; all these are critical to a manager’s status and position in the organization. DBA program would remove any inconsistencies in my personality as opposed to the criteria or characteristics of a successful businessman/manager. The DBA program further provides an insight to the research area and motivates students on researching topics before making a decision or making conclusions. This would help in maintaining the quality of decisions in our practical life as well as in the job areas that we will be involved in. The research and critical thinking skills would help in preventing wrong decisions being made. Summarizing the facts, I must say that the manner DBA program is designed, suits my requirements to be an effective manager. I aim to earn o tony money but knowledge, and the DBA program is an initial step to gain knowledge which would lead to financial and other benefits in the future. My decision to opt for DBA program is not abrupt but a thoughtful one with enthusiasm and eagerness to earn all benefits possible. DBA program is an opportunity to rectify my mistakes and have an exposure to the real business problems along with the procedures to tackle with them. I have my aims and living standards that require a higher level investment of time today in education, so I do believe that this program ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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