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Teaching techniques. Differentiated Process, Product, and Content - Assignment Example

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high school oriented lesson the United States Constitution is useful to demonstrate how to differentiate based on a student’s learning profile. This particular lesson meets stated objectives by asking senior high students to analyze writings from the early days of American…
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Teaching techniques. Differentiated Process, Product, and Content
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Extract of sample "Teaching techniques. Differentiated Process, Product, and Content"

Download file to see previous pages Students are then encouraged to develop critical thinking skills by looking at writings and other forms of media that influence them today, and compare that to the time of the Founding Fathers as well. All of the objectives stated in the lesson are clearly explained to the students from the outset, and the main assessment related directly back to aforementioned learning goals. Because of the varied types of writing in existence during the time the Constitution was being written, and the plethora of different messages we receive today, this particular lesson and topic provides multiple opportunities to introduce differentiated instruction into the classroom. Based upon student interest, the instructor can tailor make various videos, multi-media, technology, and print based options for the students to learn the necessary concepts for this unit. Each of these strategies would fit the stated learning outcomes (that each student will understand the influence that others have on our way of thinking) and can be aligned to cover differentiated access, product, and content. Differentiated Process, Product, and Content In considering how to apply differentiation to this lesson, it is important that teachers remember that their role is to match the interest level of each student with the mode of instruction and assessment. For this particular unit, the teacher will need to consider the types of media that most influence each student in the class. This can include taking a learning inventory, or simply through observation, but the bottom line is that the instructor needs to bring the curriculum alive to the students. Implementing the differentiation process for this unit will enable each student in the class to understand the lesson objectives, presented in the form of source documents, in their own unique manner. In so doing, it is possible for teachers to differentiate the content, process, and product for their students (Sousa & Tomlinson, 2011). The differentiation of content refers to the change that occurs in the material as it is being taught and learned by each individual student in the class. As example of this for this particular lesson would be if the classroom objective is for all students in the classroom to be able to identify the reasons why source documents influence our thinking and way of life. In order to accomplish this task, some students may choose to focus on the original writings of the day, while other may choose to use modern day media to illustrate a real life example that is relevant today. The differentiation process actually refers to the way in which each student in the class accesses the material. One study, for example, may explore various writings contained an in actual historical text, while others may choose to review video representations of the same material. This process continues with the differentiation of product, which most commonly refers to the way in which a student demonstrates what he or she has actually learned. For this unit, that will take place via the individual or group products that are presented at the conclusion of the lesson. One group or individual might choose to present a skit, for example, while other will choose to demonstrate their findings via a PowerPoint. When implementing the differentiated process, the sky is truly the limit. Conclusion As teachers decide to differentiate their lessons, they must take into account the readiness, interest, and learning profile of each individual student in the class. In this case, readiness most commonly ref ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Teaching Techniques. Differentiated Process, Product, and Content Assignment.
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