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Implementation of a Professional Development Plan to Address Differentiated Instruction - Assignment Example

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Individuals are different due to the fact that everyone has autonomous mind. The aspect of autonomy and rationality renders the individuals diversified minds hence, bringing about difference in thoughts. …
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Implementation of a Professional Development Plan to Address Differentiated Instruction
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Extract of sample "Implementation of a Professional Development Plan to Address Differentiated Instruction"

Download file to see previous pages Differentiated instruction depicts a teaching theory reliant on the notion that instructional methods should differ and be assimilated with regards individual and variant students in classrooms. The approach of differentiated instruction demands the teachers to be variable with reference to their approaches to teaching and regulate the curriculum and giving the information to the students instead of anticipating the learners to adjust themselves for the course. Most of the teachers as well as their tutors have recently realized differentiated instruction as a criterion of assisting more learners in a varied classroom situation to attain success (Gregory 2013). This research evaluates the research the objectives, assessments, strategies, and the need for professional development for differentiated instruction at a school as a worksite. The differentiated instruction operates on the fact stipulating that the students can learn maximally when they are allowed to incorporate their own understanding in the curriculum and that the best learning can take place amongst the students when they are compelled to operate beyond the point of assistance (Levy 2008). This point varies amidst the students performing below the grade and those performing above the average limits. Differentiated instructions assist the teachers to attain the desired diversity instead of restricting their teachings to the middle levels that do not address either the higher or the lower extremities. This research intends to elucidate the fact that the students’ performance under differentiated instruction depends greatly on teachers’ operations on the learners. However, other parties such as parent groups, teacher leaders as well as the school staff are also crucial in the determination of learning outcomes (Lawrence-Brown 2010). Assessments Teachers have known their mandates and especially what to do to foster best teaching practices amongst the learners. Nonetheless, they have failed to incorporate some aspects regarding the differentiated instructions that would ensure outstanding learning outcomes amongst the students (Gregory 2013). Teachers avail numerous learning choices or variant directions to learning that enable the learners to assimilate the knowledge and make sense of ideas and techniques. However, they do not formulate a different lesson plan for the individual learners in the classroom. The teachers provide suitable assessments for all learners of all academic capabilities fairly. However, they do not moderate the syllabus to some learners. Strategies The differentiation of instructions can assume three different forms and areas such as the content of the instruction, processes employed in making sure that a particular topic becomes sensible and the products of students who manifest their learning (Gregory 2008). Based on content In this case the main focus is on the content delivered and that received. Use the pre tests in case the learners need to begin to learn on a particular topic or unit. Promote thinking at different levels of the Bloom's taxonomy amongst the students to encourage openness of the mind (Gregory 2008). Use different instructional delivery techniques to elaborate on various styles of learning. In order to embrace content acquisition by the learners, there is need ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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