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Assessing Educational Change - Essay Example

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The purpose of this paper is to explain an educational change that was introduced into a school. It clearly explains how the change was implemented and gives a description on why the change was desired in the school. …
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Assessing Educational Change
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Download file to see previous pages Introduction of computers to learning in schools is not a thing that any head of school ought to think twice about. However, it’s crucial that the heads of schools consider with a lot of concerns the way in which the change is introduced to the school. It may look rather cheap to introduce computers into a school, but contrary to that, it is rather a complicated matter since certain instructions need to be followed to ensure its efficiency and effectiveness in its use and impact in the school (Rowley, & Sherman, 2001). According to chapter 8 of the book, there are stages that are to be followed in the introduction of a change into a system. The stages include analysis of a change in all spheres, design of the change, development of the change, implementation and evaluation of the change. All these stages ought to be put into consideration when introducing the change to ensure that the change introduced is not in vain. Analyzing the change is all about covering up the introduction process (Green, 2013). I happened to have been among the committee that spear headed the introduction of the computers to some school in my district. Having handled computer studies in college, I was so thrilled when I heard the head of the school talk about introducing computer into the curriculum of the school as a form of change from the previous running of the education in the school. Clever enough, the head was not fast to rush into the purchase of the computers. However, he did ask for a group to be selected to look into the whole process of introducing the change; analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation. Analysis of the change Analysis is all about disintegrating a process into fragments so as to look at the whole process...
Analysis is all about disintegrating a process into fragments so as to look at the whole process bit by bit in order to have a clear thought about the whole process. In this case, the change of introducing computers into the school was broken into parts, and each part was assigned to a given individual to look into it. The analysis process was majorly carried out to determine whether the computer program was worth introducing into the school. This process is normally the first step when it comes to introduction of change. It is majorly done to determine the viability and feasibility of a change. In analyzing the change, survey was taken in some schools that had already introduced the computers, and also in schools that had not taken a step of introducing the computers into the curriculum. Some students were also taken from the school desiring to take up computer introduction and introduced into the computers. At the end of it all, through the comparison of the two scenarios of a school having access to computers and that of no access to the computer, it was noted that the one with computers was performing well compared to the one without. Students and the teachers were seen to be so advanced in that almost everything, including teaching itself by the teachers was computerized. When given a quiz on the current affairs worldwide, it appeared that the students in the school with computers had knowledge of it and the students on the other end with no computers seemed to be lagging behind with the current affairs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assessing Educational Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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