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Education as discussed by Jon Spayde - Essay Example

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In the paper “Education as discussed by Jon Spayde” the author analyzes the essay written by Spayde (1998), in the modern era education. It was further stated by him that education involves different meanings for different society and religion…
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Education as discussed by Jon Spayde
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Extract of sample "Education as discussed by Jon Spayde"

Download file to see previous pages Spayde (1998) further adds that formal training is a vital necessity, however power and class simultaneously plays significant role in the sector of education. For instance, the graduates from world class universities like Stanford and Harvard would be offered the designations at workplace to prepare the work schedules for those who have acquired their degree from a not so famous, regional college. The eminent journalist and novelist, Earl Shorris (Spayde, 1998, p.67) realized the flaws of the modern educational system and took initiative for starting up an Ivy League adult education course which was meant for the “Asians, whites, blacks and Hispanics” (p.67). On the first day of his lecture, Shorris (Spayde, 1998, p.67) addressed his students and let them know that “humanities” is not just a subject to be studied by the Rich strata of the society. The term “Humanities” embraces the entire world and its people. The concept of humanities teaches the students how to live, how to think and how to enjoy life. The subject enriches the readers by providing them a new perspective towards life. Spayde (1998) further recognizes several misconceptions about the term “education”. ...
suitable for fighting the “global competitiveness” but Spayde (1998) states that despite of possessing specialized skills, these contemporary graduates lack “intellectual breadth” (p.68) which can only be learnt by the practice of humanities. The professor of environmental studies of Oberlin College defines the recent trend of education as “fast knowledge” (p.68) which is mainly imparted through the means of information technology. He claims that “Slow knowledge” (p.68) is much essential for saving the earth from the environmental disasters. Thus in the process of imparting “fast knowledge”, the education system is generating a bunch of head filled machines (human beings) with little intellect and creativity. In this context, Goethe stated “people cannot learn what they do not love” (p.69). Spayde (1998) in the initial parts of his essay mentioned that the entire world is a learning place and the same idea has been reestablished throughout the writing. In the words of Elizabeth Sutton Lawrence, “ancient Greek education came largely from firsthand experience…” (p.69) which means unless there is practical knowledge, the theory won’t turn out to be helpful and education is nothing but knowing what’s happening around us. Education is the means through which people learn to be alert. Education must inform a person about the changes which took place in the history and it must remind them their roots. Therefore, it can be concluded that training create machines while humanities create human beings. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Education As Discussed by Jon Spayde Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 2)
Education As Discussed by Jon Spayde Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 2.
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