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What would best constitute an education for men - Research Paper Example

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Education is not only essential from knowledge perspective; it is also beneficial in-terms of social and economic development of people. According to Theodore Roosevelt, “in order to be a good citizen the primary…
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What would best constitute an education for men
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Extract of sample "What would best constitute an education for men"

Download file to see previous pages The present education format is focused on providing knowledge to people in order to make them capable of understanding their carrier objectives and be prepared for the next level of education.
Many researchers and theorists believe that the current education pattern for men should include some additional subjects, which would help them learn the art of living. The most essential part of education in the modern world is practical life experiences. It has been observed that students from the beginning of their age are fond of stories narrated by their teachers, which are related to society. Men have greater interest towards subjects that are based on practical experiences. Education based on mining is very important for men’s perspective. Mining of natural resources is very important and men are mostly preferred for this purpose. Hence education related to mining is essential for men. Moreover, subjects related to defence, electronics and computers are also equally important for men. Practical experiences and implication of the experiences in the study of students is required in-order to overcome the challenges associated with modern educational system. This research paper focuses on the best compose for the education of men.
Education is not only based on academic learning, it is also a cluster of actual life experiences. For an example, subjective matters of physics are not only based on theoretical implications, it is also based on real-time experiments. Experiments are conducted in-order to obtain a real-time observation of the theory discussed during classroom education. It is very essential to understand that learning is the key of life and academic education only can-not provide the required amount of knowledge. Implementation of real-life experiences during education is required to make students understand the use of the subjective matters in practical world.
According to essay ‘Learning in the Key of Life’, Spayde tells that academic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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