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EDLE 639 - Assignment 3 Modules 3 to 6 - Essay Example

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EDLE 639 - Assignment 3 Modules 3 to 6 Name: Institution: EDLE 639 - Assignment 3 Modules 3 to 6 Module 3 One of the most difficult roles of being a worker in any company is trying to meet organisational goals and forgetting about personal goals (Kent, 2005)…
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EDLE 639 - Assignment 3 Modules 3 to 6
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Extract of sample "EDLE 639 - Assignment 3 Modules 3 to 6"

Download file to see previous pages Their skills is what the organisation needs to prosper; therefore, if a worker is allowed to work towards his/her vision with the firm, then the firm will also stand to gain. Some of the issues, which educational leaders face to ensure the survival of their organisation, include the assessment gap, the teaching gap and the leadership gap (Kent, 2005). Reasonable individuals differ on the details of 21st century knowledge, but the ordinary themes, which emerge comprise of communication, creativity, teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking. Even though, it is hard to hear an educational leader support lower principles for communication or disapproving teamwork, there is a big gap between reality and rhetoric (Robinson, Ward & Timperley, 2003). Also, it is vital for any educator to master the way of leading their students as education is meant for forming leaders in various fields of life. Module 4 Promoting and supporting school leader and teacher professional learning is vital to a country’s attempts to drive fairness and excellence for every young Australian (Dunn, 1981). In this manner, AITSL, in union with stakeholders from numerous school education systems and sectors, aids energetically to young Australians attaining the goals set in the Melbourne Declaration as effective learners, creative and confident individuals, as well as active and informed citizens (Dunn, 1981). Some of the vital factors, which this charter should address, include the significance of learning in enhancing the professional skills, practice, as well as engagement of all school leaders and teachers to achieve progress in student outcomes. The charter also needs to find a way of articulating the expectations, which all school leaders and teachers vigorously take part in professional learning all through their careers (Hatcher, 2008). The charter needs to describe the traits of a high quality specialised learning culture and successful specialised learning, to help school leaders, teachers, as well as those who help them to get the most from their learning. The other factors that the charter should consider include occupational competence in teaching, teacher education and occupational competence and the linkage between settings of preparation and practice (Hatcher, 2008). These are the major factors that affect teacher education. Module 5 One the critical success factors for effective governance is developing an all encompassing, as well as conceptually effective framework, centered on the most significant strategic factors that are supported by a strategic vision, in addition to a planning process of maybe five years. Schools should be aware of this in order to practice effective governance (Abbey, 2005). The second factor includes dispersed and diverse leadership, which taps into the experience and expertise of each individual. It also cultivates deep ownership of real strategic change among vital stakeholders. Elevated leadership improves the number of individuals concerned with policy making. It also enhances people who are open to fresh ideas, and; hence, are more likely to produce more new ideas. The other factor is learning to lead in wider networks through which firm limits give way to partnerships and teams and there are common resources, as well as strategies to attain common results. To aid teaching in all ages, settings and stages, schools need new management ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(EDLE 639 - Assignment 3 Modules 3 to 6 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
EDLE 639 - Assignment 3 Modules 3 to 6 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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