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Impact of Monitoring on Employee Behaviour in Project Management - Assignment Example

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The following assignment paper "Impact of Monitoring on Employee Behaviour in Project Management" examines the effect of monitoring on shirking, and the effect of shirking on information systems project success in the holistic context of both project implementation and ongoing use…
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Impact of Monitoring on Employee Behaviour in Project Management
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Extract of sample "Impact of Monitoring on Employee Behaviour in Project Management"

Download file to see previous pages It found that shirking via poor focus predicts project failure whereas shirking via loafing does not; in other words, it warns that effort on the wrong tasks may doom a project even if the effort is diligent. Such findings provide a basis for project managers to improve the successfulness of their projects by better use of monitoring to encourage developers to focus on the most appropriate tasks, and for researchers to further investigate and enhance our understanding of project management by studying such management using broader and more diverse approaches. The findings by Mahaney and Lederer in 2009 prove to be an interesting and significant development, they shed light within the important project monitoring field that could change the way many current Project Managers carry out their work as well as giving greater insight into why IT projects have failed in the past.
Mahaney and Lederer’s study outlines a four dimension construct for monitoring, planning, responsibility, comparison, and meeting, as well as a two-dimensional construct for shirking, loafing and poor focus. The paper highlights that monitoring via planning and meetings appears to reduce shirking (for poor focus and loafing), whereas controlling via responsibility and comparisons does not reduce shirking (for poor focus and loafing), therefore suggesting that a Project Manager would be better devoting more time and resources to monitoring and meetings to improve project success rather than simply relying on responsibility (sign of off deliverables when completed) and periodic comparisons. The paper also highlights that shirking via poor focus predicts project failure, whereas shirking via loafing does not necessarily predict project failure, thus underlying the fact that a poorly focused project team can be highly detrimental to a project. This is supported again in the study where it finds that diligent monitoring of task completions may also fail to focus developers (project team members) on the essential tasks and may fail to discourage them from slacking off. These are issues within the Project Management field that have not been largely addressed before. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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