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Neighborhood walk report and ecological analysis using your six senses - Case Study Example

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Name: Course Name: Instructor: Date: 1. Neighborhood Descriptive Report Day: Saturday Time: 6 PM Weather: Pleasant Welcome to Brooklyn Walking through our neighborhood in Brooklyn is no lesser of an experience than a walk through the busy sea shore where people walk as a means of relaxation after the end of a tiring day…
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Neighborhood walk report and ecological analysis using your six senses
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Extract of sample "Neighborhood walk report and ecological analysis using your six senses"

Download file to see previous pages For that reason, walking in our neighborhood at around 6 PM, on a Saturday afternoon, when people are out for fun with families, the environment is still very serene and quite peaceful; regardless of the fact that Brooklyn is merely one borough of one of the largest metropolitan areas within the United States. We live in an area that has three residential blocks closely built next to one another; with some other blocks built close by. They blocks are of the typical brick red color; with small balconies opening at the front. The windows have black square frames. All the blocks have around three floors and are well equipped with both stairs and lifts. There occasionally are dresses hanging in the balconies, or even at times, brooms or dusters hanging down the railing. The face of the last block in the row is somewhat decayed because of frequent rain; probably combining the affects of not having been painted with the long term impact of acid rain. At around this time, people are moving in and out of their blocks. There are very few cars in the front area since the parking lot is built towards the back of the building. Children are coming off the blocks, returning to their homes for dinner. Some small boys are sitting in the block entrances fixing their helmets, putting on their knee pads; one was even seen fixing his hair in the motorbike side mirror. Some grownups, mostly dressed up casually are seen heading towards the beach for walk. As we walk out of the block, the serenity seems to slowly and gradually disappear from the surroundings. The mental tranquility and environmental serenity often gets interrupted as the cars move closer to our blocks. The most cited traffic nuisance is normally created by a garbage truck driver; who visits our neighborhood around this part of the day. He oftentimes appears to me as if he is an angry and frustrated man; seemingly suffering from some type of internal depression. At the same time, people in cars and cabs are seen looking occasionally to their watches. They must be getting late for home or other plans they must have sequenced for Saturday evening. If we walk closer to the cars with their glasses drawn downwards, we hear people in different languages; mostly in a thick accent of one form or another cursing the other drivers. The cab passengers are seen with equally aggressive and frustrated expressions. Sometimes they are even cursing their driver or quarrelling to drive faster. Some people reach for cell phones or quickly glance at the screen; as if reading the text or punching a rapid succession of buttons on the screen in order to type an urgent message to someone. Certain of them make calls and talk loudly, sounding as if they are explaining or apologizing for being late. In this busy hassle, some people are at times seen very calm. In fact, there seems to be an occasional dating couple. The men usually sit calmly on the driving seat, with shades on and smiles, along with a lady, sitting adjacent generally as equally happy. The Three Blocks in a Row Some Local Eastern Residents The Famous Neighborhood Gang The library Close to our Blocks 2. Analytical Report of Neighborhood The people in the neighboring areas are very busy with their own lives. In the past 10 years or so, many different cultures have arrived in this area. New York has always been a melting pot of different religions, races, and ethnicities; ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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