My reflective insights- me as a leader in Early childhood report - Assignment Example

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My Self-reflective Insights Report Name Institution Date My Self-reflective Insights Report (The Outsider Transformational Leader in the Making) Section 1: My Professional Experience goals and roles, my 'leading' insights PE Goals and Related Goals Without a goal, a leader’s direction for the growth and development of his organization can hardly be identified (Aubrey, 2007)…
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My reflective insights- me as a leader in Early childhood report
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Download file to see previous pages To work collaboratively with director and gain insight into the leadership role of a director. 2. To have a further in-depth insight into administrative and management roles/duties and responsibilities. 3. To improve my communication skills and show respect to all staff, children and families. A critical overview of my PE goals would reveal that they were structure to span around three major aspects of my roles and leadership experience. The first of these is an individual goal that aims for my personal development and growth as a leader. The second is an organizational goal that aims for the growth and development of the institution where I was working. The third goal is a social goal that aims for the betterment and wellbeing of the larger society through all staff, children and their families. Reading through my personal experience goals, it would be noted that they are related directly to me service learning. This is because through the practicum, there has been a number of enhanced learning experiences that have relate to the objectives. The first of these is the service learning on how to work in collaboration with a superior. There is also service learning on the daily administration and management of an early childhood institution. The final one is learning experience of how to relate with parents and other staff members at the centre. With a careful overview of my work plan as presented in Appendix 1, it would be noted that as posited by Smales (2002), I am more of an outsider rather than an insider. This is because most of my work plan was focused on establishing common grounds goals with the other staff so that our collective interest would be achieved rather than my personal interest. The first two activities listed in the work plan for each day from Monday to Friday gives a clear indication of such need to collaborate with other people. As Rodd (2013, p. 63) emphasised, a state of belonging as I tried to achieve as an outsider helps in personal capacity development, which was of course an important aspect of my professional and related goals. In a related manner, a number of ‘so whats’ can be identified as the meanings and relevance of my goals in terms of what I want to be as a future leader. First, my collaborative goals would mean that in future leadership, I shall be more comfortable as a democratic leader (Culkin, 1997). Next, my urge to have further in-depth insight into administrative and management roles means that into the future as a leader, I shall be aspiring for the highest possible positions that can get me to the very top (Healy et al, 2001). Finally, my goal to improve communication skills and respect for others means that I shall be a people-centred leader in the future. Insights on Leadership The creation of a leader’s profile has come to me with so much importance and relevance. This is because it has helped me in identifying some key professional insights as a leader and why these insights are worthwhile for me. In the first place, it was through the leader’s profile that I have discovered the type of leadership style that I shall be more comfortable as a future leader. As noted by McCrea and Ehrich (1999), leadership styles come in several forms and perceptions but applying the wrong leadership style in a given situation would be just as bad as not having ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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