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Report of Steve Jobs (biography - Book Report/Review Example

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Steve Jobs was a pioneer entrepreneur, inventor and mentor to many, influential in not only the technological sphere but also in business and the music industry. Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of the hugely successful Apple Inc., Steve Jobs portrayed the spirit and attitude of…
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Book report of Steve Jobs (biography
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Download file to see previous pages n society, principally through his charismatic pioneering of the personal computer revolution, further influencing the consumer electronics and computer fields.
Steve Jobs is widely known as one of the greatest managers to have ever lived because of his style of leadership and success. As portrayed by Isaacson, during an era when the American nation still seeks avenues of adequately sustaining its innovative edge rivaled by other global societies striving towards building digital-age economies, Jobs characteristically stands out. A successful leader is one who is able to standardize operations and supply chain management issues in a company that he operates (Russell and Taylor 3). Steve Jobs was successful in this by ensuring that operations at Apple was properly managed to avoid wastage and that the supplies required were brought in time and in the quality required. Accordingly, Jobs was able to build-up an entity where imagination/ creativity were combined with astounding feats of engineering (Introduction/ xix-xx).
To better understand Steve Jobs, Isaacson avers that there is need for understanding his early childhood life that was influential in shaping his thinking, character traits and dynamic nature. This further avails reasons (perhaps), which may have been instrumental in shaping his adult life, in terms of his perfectionist nature, vision, creativity and ferocious self-drive. Steve Jobs liked quality in his life and what he did from a young age (Russell and Taylor 55). He did not tolerate things that were poorly done or near perfect things. He wanted the highest quality he could get. Accordingly, the concepts, such as Abandonment, Chosen and Special became integral in his life ultimately reflecting on how he regarded both himself, and his priced works (Isaacson 4). To him, having a breakthrough strategy was important for success in anything in life
Influential in this regard is that some of his closest friends were of the opinion that the knowledge ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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