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Learning Theory and Instructional Theory: An Analysis - Essay Example

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Learning Theory and Instructional Theory: An Analysis Name: Institution: Learning Theory and Instructional Theory: An Analysis Theoretical explanations and learning principles that fit instructional objectives Instructional objectives are centered on the instructional activity that an instructor may resort to in any educational setting to achieve the desired objectives, in terms of learning…
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Learning Theory and Instructional Theory: An Analysis
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Extract of sample "Learning Theory and Instructional Theory: An Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages This should not be the case in such a learning environment. One learning principle that can be applied in this case is the fact that prior knowledge can assist or hinder the learning process. The case provided gives an indication about Beth Owens and her past experience using different approaches to attain some level of success in her operations. This prior knowledge, however, may work to her disadvantage. She may get into her new tasks thinking of her past experience and knowledge in that field, while forgetting that this may be a new experience altogether. It may be next to impossible for an approach to work before an analysis of the current situation is carried out, which is what Beth is doing while moving on to her next challenge. One principle that may be undermined in this approach is the fact that, people should learn to monitor and adjust their approaches to the learning process. This is to ensure they become self-directed in any activities they are conducting. A behaviorist approach is one that fits into instructional objectives in learning, especially in community colleges (Ertmer & Quinn, 2007). ...
Theoretical frameworks that support an instructional theory and design model consonant Theoretical frameworks can be structured depending on the nature of the situation at hand. Looking at all the variables that are present in the case study, it is possible to make assumptions based on past experience, as Beth Owens did. However, it is not fair to assume that this class of learners should be treated equally with learners that are motivated to work as in the case of four-year college systems (Ertmer & Quinn, 2007). It may be next to impossible to allow students in this category to be motivated to learn without having an instructional framework in place. There must be an external motivator and this may come in the form of the instructor with the strict, specific, and direct instructions from which they can be motivated to emulate. This variable is crucial in comprehending the nature of the student’s capability, and their resolve when it comes to learning. Increasing the level of understanding on all parties may restrict the level of bias that may exist in the learning environment. Beth did not wish to consider the fact that the learners in this level of learning may not be best suited for her approach. However, she did not wish to take the time to look into this by naturally assuming that her approach, and its success in the past, may be the best suited option for the program (Ertmer & Quinn, 2007). This bias may work toward alienating her from the one person that needs to understand the crucial nature of what she does in assisting the learning process. By retaining her bias toward her constructivism approach, Beth may fail to comprehend the nature of learners, and may fail in trying to help in educating them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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