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The Unpositives of the Dick and Carey Model - Research Paper Example

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The Unpositives of the Dick and Carey Model Name Professor Course Date The Unpositives of the Dick and Carey Model Walter Dick and Lou Carey facilitated the systematic process to assist in instruction delivery. The theory comprises behaviorist, cognitive, and constructive instructions…
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The Unpositives of the Dick and Carey Model
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Download file to see previous pages The method involves some disadvantages that hinder the effectiveness of the instruction process (Woolf & International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems, 2008). The methodology, when looked at closely, displays some suggestions. Firstly, the design involves the reduction model which disintegrates the components into simpler components. This implies that the teacher requires adopting a careful method of delivering the components to avoid losing track. Secondly, the tutor requires adopting the proper learning conditions. The wrong use of the conditioning learning can sometimes result in poor understanding from the pupils’ side. Thirdly, there appears the need for the application of an instructional system design: the system design requires adopting the system that facilitates instruction designing. Fourthly, the tutor requires implementing an extensively range of ideas including K12, business, administration, beginner, and expert (Woolf & International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems, 2008). The model summarizes the methodology plan and development process. The authors view a system as, in principle, a combination of parts that rely on each other to facilitate the intended goal. The model acquired the name ‘system approach’ since it comprises components that relate to one another. The components have input and output. This means that a wrong input definitely results to a negative input. Dick and Carey view that the model uses the system approach with credible reasoning (Woolf & International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems, 2008). The systematic approach implies that the moment the teacher messes up the strategy, the whole procedure of learning ends up messed up. The results might imply that the teacher lost track of what the learner was required to learn. The components of the system though closely linked together might result into the wrong output since the input in the first place was wrong. The process involved in the system is practicable and can be replicated. The step that takes place in the ISD utilizes a set of procedures and techniques that the instructional designers require to adopt in planning, expanding, and assessing instructions (Woolf & International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems, 2008). The steps adopted include identification of the instructional goals; at this juncture, the instructor should identify the syllabus coverage as the course culminates. The goals require taking into consideration the needs considerations and the requirements of the learner. The instructors are required to identify the steps and sub-steps that will facilitate attainment of the goals by the learner. Instructional analysis scrutinizes the skills, know-hows, and attitudes that the learner’s exhibit and the ones they are supposed to hold prior to the instruction session. These skills can also be termed as the entry behaviors. The learner and the contexts that facilitate their learning are scrutinized in parallel in the course of instruction analysis. The learners’ skills at the beginning of the instructions, preferences and attitudes become evident at this stage. The instruction situation where the new skills apply undergoes some analysis. The information attained at this stage becomes vital as it determines the strategy to be adopted in the course of the instruction ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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