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Literature Review on Culture in Public and Private Preschools - Essay Example

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This essay talks that the concept of organization culture has evolved overtime and it has become commonly applied in varied organisations including learning institutions, business entities and many other organisations. Organization culture is defined as human behaviors…
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Literature Review on Culture in Public and Private Preschools
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"Literature Review on Culture in Public and Private Preschools"

Download file to see previous pages This report stresses that the organisation culture in both public and private preschool has become a concerning issue especially to parents who want their children to study in an institution where there is a unique school culture. Culture as an organisation metaphor in the learning institution is where there is effective communication and sharing of vision, values, beliefs and other unique school cultural aspects with an aim of accomplishing the organizational objectives effectively. The education of a child is significant; thus organisation culture can shape the behavior of the child and determine his or her academic future; thus organization culture should be emphasized in preschool learning environments. This is because the environment of the child can be very influential on the personality, behaviors and character traits of the child in the present and the future years.
This paper makes a conclusion that the culture of the preschool has diverse components, which shapes the behaviors and influences of the child; one of the components is social and this is linked with the family and school. Most preschools have multiple age groups of students; thus many of them intend to offer an effective learning and social environment where children are given opportunities to learn from each other through socialization. The child is able to cope up in a learning environment where students and teachers are friendly or socialize well; thus contributing to successful accomplishments of organizational goals. (Berns, 2004). Another component of culture is the environmental set-up and this involves the preparation for the environment in an effective manner in order to match with the desired needs of the child. Glicken (2011) argues that the environment should be comfortable such as the classroom size should have a sizeable number of children and better learning materials; thus enabling the child to study comfortably. Moreover, it should be like a home because this can enable the child to learn varied practical or real life issues. For instance, there should be a place where the child should practice proper self-help skills and the environment should have adequate security. Therefore, the preschool coaching and learning principles should be grounded into a strong theoretical framework of organisation culture with an aim of delivering high quality education services to children. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Literature Review on Culture in Public and Private Preschools Essay.
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