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Cultural Diversity and Organizational Culture - Literature review Example

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An author of this literature review seeks to concern the issue of cultural diversity in organizational management. This document will involve the analysis of the key theories and constructs into scholarly works that relate to the relationship between cultural diversity and organizational culture…
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Cultural Diversity and Organizational Culture
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Extract of sample "Cultural Diversity and Organizational Culture"

Download file to see previous pages Cultural diversity is an important and vital aspect of organizations today. This is because there is a general trend towards inclusion in the organizations around the country and issues perceived to be racist are treated with the highest levels of criticism and hostility.
Cultural diversity is seen as a method of promoting inclusion in an organization and diversifying the processes and systems used by an organization to ensure that people from all different backgrounds get represented in an organization (Laleye, 2012). Culture is the way a group of people lives and this is represented by the outward expression of their different processes and preferences for various things (Kelley & Fitzsimons, 2010).
According to one definition “culture consists of shared beliefs, values, and attitudes that guide the behaviors of group members in a given location.” (Kelley & Fitzsimons, 2010, p. 151). Culture and diversity are important aspects of society. According to Hoftstede, culture is the software of the mind that guides the way people behave and react to certain things and situations (Hofstede, 2010). This is a standardized definition which explains the role and importance of culture in a given society and community. This involves the different processes and aspects of a given place and location and it affects the way people behave and carry out their activities and processes.
Culture, therefore, forms a framework within which people act and behave in relation to their upbringing and other innate qualities that are representative of the group they belong to.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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