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Educational differences in public institutes and in private institute - Literature review Example

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Witham (1997) in his studies described private institutions as non-state/ independent institutions that are not under the control of the national government, State, or local authority. This therefore means that they are self-sponsored and they reserve the right of admission…
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Educational differences in public institutes and in private institute
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Extract of sample "Educational differences in public institutes and in private institute"

Download file to see previous pages Hein (2004) noted that at the inception of the education system all institutions were public institutions and there was only an option of private tuition for interested students, which was offered to them as remedial classes. However, due to sharp criticism mostly only the quality of public institution education there was emergence of private institutions, which evaded some State regulations but endured for quality education for its students (Heller, 2001). Particularly in the United Kingdom, private institutions were first established in the 19th century by the Roman Catholic parish as a counter attack to the alleged dominance of protestant religious ideas and politicians in the public institution system. It is due to this fact that most private institutions in the UK are Catholic owned (Wilson, 2013).
Over the recent past, the numbers of private institutions both secondary and tertiary have sharply increased and this is attributed to the increased benefits that private institutions offer as compared to public institutions. This thesis statement for this literature review runs on the opinion that private institutions have higher education standards as compared to public institutions; secondly, the educational curriculum of private institutions is much wider compared to public institutions. Thirdly, private institutions are also well endowed with superior facilities unlike public institutions and lastly, private institutions have low student-teacher ratio as compared to public institutions (Lance, 2010).
According to the figures from the United Kingdom’s Department of Education, they show that generally, private institutions perform better than public institutions, and this fact is substantiated by higher performance in national/common exams, whereby students from private institutions dominate the top spots.
This asserts that private institutions offer higher education standards as compared to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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