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Education Should be privatized as it is a privilege not a right - Essay Example

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Education has been taken to be a right, but not a privilege. There has been many position on this topic that has cause many argument about it that often deal with academic too much and…
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Education Should be privatized as it is a privilege not a right
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Extract of sample "Education Should be privatized as it is a privilege not a right"

Download file to see previous pages Firstly, private schools offer quality and good education that meets the students’ needs in the society. Unlike public schools, private schools have developed a personal approach to learning. Through this approach, learners have many benefits in linking education demands and the job market skills. Meryzn & Ursprung (2005) note that the United States public schools have been an example of the economics of education because of poor quality that do not match the financial allocation by the government. The quality of education can be seen in three approaches.
One is quality, this is education that is a personalized, economical and able ensures the needs of students. It is an education system that can make sense in objectives and the societal demands. In order to achieve these good goals of education, some scholars have said that privatization of education is a good step that will make good purpose of education. Brown (2013) Education should not be seen as a right, today there are many great business persons and known sportsmen who have made an immense contribution to the economy without necessarily going to schools (Davidsona 2010).
According to National Center for Education Statistics Report 2010 it identified many stidents in public schools as a big problem for the quality of education (Espiona & Gonzalez 2013). The report said that, private schools have half of the public school population. Schools and classes are smaller in the private institution leading to personal teaching that touches the classroom activities. The teacher-student ratio is more favorable, mostly they have a numbers of 1:9 that allows economic value of the parents money. Many public both primary and secondary schools have a ratio of 1:19, meaning there is an acute shortage, and the quality of education is quite low (Brown 2013).
Public schools continue to have a big number of students that do not learn due to the big numbers as compared to the teachers. These ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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