Education Should be privatized as it is a privilege not a right - Assignment Example

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“The changes introduced in the early 1980s were reinforced by a system that encouraged institutions to be self-financing, by charging tuition and enrollment fees…” (Espinoza & Gonzalez, 2013, p. 200).
ii. This move has been identified as key to improving enrollment in…
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Education Should be privatized as it is a privilege not a right
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Extract of sample "Education Should be privatized as it is a privilege not a right"

Education should be privatized, as it is a Privilege not a Right Supervisor: October 8, I. Education should be privatized as it is a Privilege not a Right
II. This paper argues that education should be privatized and therefore, treats education as a privilege rather than a right.
III. Body
1. Poor quality education in public schools has necessitated privatization of education.
i. “In the United States, lament about the poor quality of public schools has been an integral part of the economics of education…” (Meryzn & Ursprung, 2005, p. 34).
ii. Scholars have proposed that privatizing education would improve the quality of education in schools considering the high regulation experienced in private schools (Meryzn & Ursprung, 2005).
2. Privatizing education provides healthy competition among higher learning institutions, and consequently increases education quality in these institutions.
i. “The changes introduced in the early 1980s were reinforced by a system that encouraged institutions to be self-financing, by charging tuition and enrollment fees…” (Espinoza & Gonzalez, 2013, p. 200).
ii. This move has been identified as key to improving enrollment in higher education institutions that in turn has been necessitated by the growing demand for higher education among secondary school graduates (Espinoza & Gonzalez, 2013).
3. Misappropriation of funds by public universities has also necessitated the need to privatize education.
i. “Public universities have gotten sandbagged by frustrating and confusing debates about financial resources, administrative bloat, tuition bubbles…” (Newfield, 2014, p. 1).
ii. Public universities have for a long time been associated with fund misuse, a factor that has made them unable to match their private counterparts in terms of quality education delivery (Newfield, 2014). Privatizing education would mean that all institutions of learning generate their own funds and this would increase accountability.
IV. References
1. Espinoza, O. & Gonzalez, E. (2013). Access to higher education in Chile: A public vs. private analysis. Academic Journal, 43(2):199-214
2. Meryzn, W. & Ursprung, H. (2005). Voter support for privatizing education: evidence on self-interest and ideology. European Journal of Political Economy, 21:33-58
3. Newfield, C. (2014). The Chronicle of Higher Education. Washington, DC: Chronicle of Higher Education Read More
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