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Performance-Based, Portfolio, Nonverbal Assessment Strategies - Essay Example

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Informal assessments (also referred to as alternative or authentic assessments) permit educators to track the unending progress of their learners often and regularly (Colorado, 2007). While regular tests measure learners at a specific point of the year, regular assessments offer constant views of where learners are all through the academic year…
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Performance-Based, Portfolio, Nonverbal Assessment Strategies
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Download file to see previous pages By utilizing informal assessments, educators can target learners’ precise problem areas, adjust instruction, and intercede earlier before it is too late. Constant assessments are mainly significant for English language learners (ELLs). Regular tests in English do not normally echo ELLs' true content abilities or knowledge. However, informal assessments can offer a better-rounded image of their abilities, skills and ongoing progress. The No Child Left Behind act agitates that thorough records should be maintained on the growth of ELLs (Colorado, 2007). Storing these records will make it much easier when questions of grading, program placement and special services arise. There are two normally used informal techniques: portfolio assessment and performance-based assessment. Both techniques make use of typical classroom events to measure growth towards curricular objectives and goals. These actions can be witnessed and recorded by educator observation, as well as student self-assessment. This paper will explain at least three informal language proficiency instruments an educator can use in his/her classroom to determine Maria’s level of comprehension.d in classroom instructions, as well as everyday tasks (Tannenbaum, 2009). An educator can utilize performance-based assessments to evaluate ELLs' language proficiency, as well as academic success, through presentations, oral reports, written assignments, demonstrations, as well as portfolios. These assessments can comprise of both products (e.g., group projects) and processes (e.g., numerous drafts of a writing sample). An educator can use observation checklists and scoring rubrics to assess and grade his/her students. These tools can help in aiding ELLs' growth over a short period of time (Colorado, 2007). When using performance-based assessments, it is vital to set up clear and fair criteria from the start. It may be useful to develop these criteria together with other specialists or teachers at the school (Colorado, 2007). Performance-based assessments encourage a broad range of responses. They normally do not generate one single, accurate answer. Hence, evaluation of learner performances and products should be rooted in a teacher’s judgment, using the criteria set for each and every task. An educator can develop assessment actions, which are specified to his/her ELLs' level of English understanding. Performance-based assessment actions can center on reading or oral communication. Some of the activities comprise of: reading in groups, narrating tales, role playing, providing descriptions using visual prompts, telling a tale through a sequence of a couple of pictures, completing dialogue through visual prompts, debating, brainstorming, playing games and completing incomplete stories. When using performance-based assessments with intermediate and beginner English proficiency level, it is advisable to assess less than three items at a time (Tannenbaum, 2009). For instance, during role play, an educator might assess the learner’s abilities to reply to "where" and "what" questions; respond to clarification and read telephone numbers or addresses. Portfolio Assessments Portfolios are convenient ways of evaluating student work all through the academic year. With this method, an educator can thoroughly collect evocative ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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