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Nonverbal Communication - Essay Example

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Nonverbal communication is one of the most fundamental essentials of interaction between humans. People frequently make use of nonverbal communication in the daily life. Nonverbal communication is used because it offers a number of advantages which the verbal communication does not. …
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Nonverbal Communication
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"Nonverbal Communication"

Download file to see previous pages Nonverbal communication is used because it offers a number of advantages which the verbal communication does not. Nonverbal communication provides an individual with more safety and freedom of expression in quite a lot of places. Individuals’ moods and body language are the primary controllers of interaction among them. One sentence can be perceived in several different ways depending upon the way it has been said. Hence, nonverbal communication often directs the verbal communication and plays a very important role in the development of understanding among the interacting people. There are a lot of differences between the way nonverbal communication is used by men and women. This paper explores the subject of nonverbal communication from different aspects and identifies the differences between the non-textual nonverbal communication of men and women. Nonverbal communication, as the name implies, is a communication that is anything but verbal. “[N]onverbal communication involves those nonverbal stimuli in a communication setting that are generated by both the source [speaker] and his or her use of the environment and that have potential message value for the source or receiver [listener]” (“Non-Verbal Communication”). In the simplest words, it is unspoken communication (Butler). This means that nonverbal communication is inclusive of text messages, emails, and other more complication and indirect ways of communication like the one through body language. Nonverbal communication through text often takes place when the communication people can not see one another face-to-face. However, in order to communicate through the body language or gestures, it is imperative that the communicating people can see one another. Technology is the most essential prerequisite of doing the nonverbal communication through text. Exchanging text messages, writing and reading emails, and chatting require mobile phones and/or computers with Internet connection to take place. The most fundamental element that makes the nonverbal communication different, and in a way, superior to the verbal communication is the fact that nonverbal communication broadcasts an individual’s true intentions and feelings to others and allows the individual an insight into the other person’s heart (“Improving your nonverbal”). There is a lot of disparity in the nonverbal communication of men and women specially on grounds of nonverbal immediacy or attitudes which cause the people to be close psychosocially. Attitudes included in the nonverbal immediacy include but are not limited to eye contact, gesturing, close proximity, smiling, vocal inflections, orientation of the body as well as touching during communication. Women rely on the nonverbal communication more than men do. One reason for this is the fact that men are braver and hence, more straight forward as compared to the women. In other words, men make use of metaphors in places where women feel more comfortable with using the similes. Men say whatever they feel on the face while women generally adopt more indirect ways of expressing their emotions, which is complicated not only for them, but also equally complicated for the listener to comprehend. Men’s ways to communicate non-verbally are more through deeds than gestures which women make use of to communicate non-verbally. This is particularly evident in the times of conflict. For example, a man may make use of his power or relations to get an individual unemployed just to tell him/her that he/she has made a big mistake by messing with a man of such huge power and significance in the society. On the other hand, a woman who is agitated to the same level as this man may just refuse to interact with the offender in an attempt to convey the message that she did ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nonverbal Communication Paper
Man is a social animal and needs others to do his work or to work for others and this is accomplished by communicating his message or needs to the other person. As time passes by the need for communicating also gained intensity. Communication took many forms that were not used in medieval times, we use modern technology for our communication now but the form that never changes is the nonverbal communication.
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Verbal communication as opposed to written modes of interpersonal contact, enables the simultaneous employment of nonverbal channels through the reading of body language and tone of voice. Successful managers are required to be skilled in interpersonal relations, because a key element of their successful performance is “the ability to motivate others, to resolve conflict, and to promote cooperation” (Fatt, 1998, p.1).
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Nonverbal communication - observation studying
In terms of an apparent observation of surprise, the congregated gathering was quite amazed to see one of my friends wearing white dress and high-heel shoes which were quite the opposite to her normal dressing style. The occasion has also been observed to transpire emotion and a sudden sense of surprise which was quite evident in the body movement and facial expression of the groom who was moved to tears as soon as he saw his bride wearing the wedding dress and looking very beautiful.
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While those involved in relationships may not necessarily catalog the behaviors of their partner, nonverbal communication constitutes a major form of inter-couple dialog. In other words, what individuals say, while providing a concrete documentation of meaning,
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Nonverbal Communication
The hypothesis to be tested was "It would take participants of condition one (absence of non-verbal communication) more time to answer one question than participants of condition two (presence of non-verbal communication)." Two experimenters were chosen randomly to administer each condition.
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ion of different aspects of nonverbal communication, as well as operationalizing the concepts, form the foundation of research and investigations of nonverbal communications in general. (Weiner, et al p.185). Characteristics of Nonverbal Communication: It is a silent language
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