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Unfortunately, my story/response does not include proxemics as distance. Certainly, hundred times I have experienced a situation where someones proxemics, haptics, and kinesics were very different from my cultural teachings, and these…
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Nonverbal communication response
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Mass Media and Communication: Nonverbal Communication In the third paragraph I will tell about haptics and kinesics asabout touch and body movement in
nonverbal communication response. Unfortunately, my story/response does not include proxemics as distance. Certainly, hundred times I have experienced a situation where someones proxemics, haptics, and kinesics were very different from my cultural teachings, and these experiences on multi-culturality I will describe later on. All the suggestions will be on inter-culturality.
Once upon a time we were going to have a performance on stilts in Turkey, Ankara Shopping Fest, 2012. When some singers and musicians from Kazakhstan were performing, our band on stilts were dancing in order to force citizens to be more involved into the Fest. Furthermore, I decided even get rid of them in order to dance staying on the ground without my sticks. Moreover, even my jacket and T-shirt were skipped out; but, it was a crime according to Ankara administrative law and Muslim customs of how you must behave yourself in the central streets of the capital, and my behavior was evaluated as deviant one.
From the other side, I learnt that such behavior --- dancing in the street without jacket and T-shirt --- is believed to be shameful in Ankara. So, this is one of real life examples of intercultural differences in use of space, touch, time, gestures, etc., because in most of Western cities such deviant behavior could be evaluated as principally normal one.
Nevertheless, when you do not understand another cultures difference in nonverbal communication, a conflict may occur; that is why it may be regarded as very wise decision to accept the rules of foreign country with respect to inter-culturality. Therefore, in order to become more aware of how we communicate, it is necessary to at least respect customs of others that may be treated as stupid and idiotic from the other side of nonverbal communication.
Moreover, identifying the examples that are above, we could state that a person become more aware of cultural differences when these differences are at least articulated; the more you are competent in intercultural communication, the more you know about these limitations, restrictions, borders, and discources of articulation.
Fortunately, I consider myself as being competent in intercultural communication, and this situation from Ankara presumably proves this proclamation. To become more mindful, you need to be immersed into a foreign society to feel yourself totally liberated from the roots and also I must feel anxiety and danger to become more mindful in respect to multi-culturality.
Additionally, as for the second paragraph, here in Brazil haptics and proxemics also need to be recognized as an inevitable part of nonverbal communication. There are at least two aspects: personal space and usage of middle finger when gesticulating. Most of Europeans and Americans feel themselves very uncomfortable because of this lack of personal space, but this type of close bodily communication is widely spred in Brazil, and, additionally, usage of middle finger does not mean dirty implications here. So, lack of personal space and usage of middle finger are just markers for our state of mind, our open mind --- especially in case of cultural, inter-cultural, and nonverbal diversities in the society, which is close to, but otherwise very specific comparatively to the Western democracy type. Read More
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Nonverbal Communication Response Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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