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Social intelligence - Assignment Example

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Social intelligence Name Institution Social intelligence Karl Albrecht Defines Social Intelligence as a dimension of Multiple Intelligence that concerns the ability to get along well with other people, especially in a workplace. It is also a set of practical skills for an individual to interact successfully in any given setting…
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Social intelligence
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"Social intelligence"

Download file to see previous pages They should be aware of the unspoken setting patterns, social regulations, and paradigms that govern different situations. Appreciation of various views from people and an understanding of the way these people react to uncertainty, stress, and conflicts should be part of a leader. 2. Leaders should be present This is the way a leader affects groups or individuals through his or her body language, physical appearance, how he occupies space in his office, as well as his demeanor and mood. Leaders ought to have listening skills to create a quality of effectiveness self assurance that allows them to relate well with others. 3. They should be Authentic Authenticity reveals how sincere and honest leaders are with themselves and with the rest. According to Albrecht, when leaders respect themselves, believe in their personal faiths and values, and are realistic, they will probably serve others with authenticity. In this context, authenticity entails the capacity relate genuinely with others, a value that demands compassion and empathy. 4. Leaders should be clear Clarity means that leaders should express their opinions, thoughts, intentions, and ideas in a clear way. They should understand the power of language as a means of expression and thought, and thus use it as a strategic asset. Leaders with high social integrity clarity can monitor their language patters as well as that of others, in order to avoid particular pathologies that can result to personal and collective disputes, misunderstandings, and maladjustments. 5. Leaders should embrace Empathy They should look at how considerate and really aware they are of how others feel and how capable they are to treat other people as unique persons. It is all about identifying with those who are below and sharing or appreciating their feelings. Albrecht views this strategy as a sense of connectedness and a state of positive feeling or rapport between two people. Protecting oneself from toxic personality Toxic personality or behaviors are those which make others feel inadequate, angry, guilty, devalued, and frustrated. If one of my family members has these personalities, I can protect myself from letting his negativity by using the nourishing behaviors. I can do this by analyzing the few positive traits of my sibling, and how important he is in my life, such as by determining what critical roles he plays in terms of my overall composure and well being. If he has a value that may bring the best in me such as paying my school fees, even though he is harsh or abusive, I can ignore the “grenade” side of him and appreciate him in the well-being point of view. Proximity interaction zones and non-verbal cues According to Albrecht, social intelligence involves correct interpretation based on social signs of nonverbal behavioral cues and generation of non-verbal cues displaying social signals suitable in a given situation (Albrecht 2005). If I enter in a room a “Mix and Mingle” Business and people are already talking in groups, I would introduce myself by expressing some sense of happiness through a genuine smile. The second step will be to make an aye contact with the person close to me, a nonverbal cue that will engage the gathering and show my interest in participating in the discussion. For any leader who might get himself in a situation like mine, I recommend that he should first of all learn how to use positive body language signals. If people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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What is Social Intelligence, and How Can You Successfully and Quickly Size-Up a Person
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Reflecting on My Social Intelligence Behaviors
The five most outstanding nourishing behaviors that I very easily recognized in myself were as follows: offering information, ideas and options, supporting others; sympathizing, persuading honestly; negotiating, wearing a friendly, invitation expression and kidding or joking positively. On the contrary, I have no toxic behaviors except for changing the subject capriciously and letting the topic ‘’play out’’ where I had an equal mixture of both toxic and nourishing behaviors. However, hearing others out, sharing ‘’airtime’’ with others praising the success of others and communicating openly and honestly turned out to be mostly nourishing behaviors against interrupting others frequentl...
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