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Personal Case Study Instructor Thesis Statement Every human being has a unique personality which varies depending on their immediate environment. Personality can be acquired through learning or through imitation of the one’s behavior on the other hand…
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Personal case study
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Download file to see previous pages Most human being are unique in many ways hence psychology tends to explains the similarities through understanding of their respective societal ethics. In understanding different human traits, personality psychology explains how human differ from others. This school of psychology also explains why some of aspects contradict or complement on human life. According to research, this field of discussion came later after all other schools had been discussed by psychologists. Stages of Development According to Freud’s explanation on the theory of psychodynamic, personality is structured in three major categories namely; Id, Ego and Superego and psychosexual stages of development. Whereby Id explains the basic instincts of all human beings, Ego refers to the stage which connects an individual’s Id and superego. Superego depicts human morals acceptable behaviors while psychosexual stage is the last stage in this theory which paves way for behavioral stage. The first stage of development starts immediately after birth to 1 year of age. This is the stage where infants tend to acquire pleasure from sucking. At this stage, the infant may be at a position of chewing pencils, rubbers, thumbs, finer nails biting as an affixation. The next stage is the anal stage (1-3years). At this stage, young children enjoy releasing urine and other waste products from the body. Parent have difficult work in training their children how to use toilets because if they are not well trained they will end up becoming anal retentive. Cleanliness is the major affixation at this stage or messiness. In that a child may hold urine for quite sometime and release it at his or her own will. The enjoyment at this stage is crucial to parents for the development of their children. Between the years of 3 to 6 refers to as the phallic stage. At this stage, the Id of an individual focuses on the genital impulse which explains why children find pleasure from their genital stimulation. Parents’ major worry is the Electra conflict and oedipal conflict for both girls and boys respectively. The child tries to explore his or her body needs with the opposite sex hence may result to wrong sex forcing the parent to have anger towards them. Parents tend to take much time with their children so as to teach them on the various life outcomes but not in depth since they fear they are not grown enough to follow their parents’ restrictions. At the latency stage, the child’s superego develops. At this stage it is believed that there is no much change as of developmental happenings. Lastly is the genital stage of development. It also takes place at the adolescent stage where the child tries to find pleasure through sex or they may have the need for sex. Parents have enormous task of advising their children intensively so as not to indulge in unwanted pregnancies and unhealthy relationships which may affect their later lifestyles. Bandura explains cognitive theory as a school of thought which gives an individual the right to socialize free within the given environment which helps in the developmental learning due to the immediate environment. The psychologist believed this theory is the connector between the environment and the human behavior. The theory focuses most on the observations or imitation of others behavior thus triggers an individual to behave the same. For example ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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