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Improve Skills Table of Contents Introduction 3 Improvement Area 1 3 Diversity 3 Improvement Area 2 4 Attitudes 4 Improvement Area 3  5 Self Concept 5 Improvement Area 4  6 Motivation 6 Improvement Area 5  7 Interpersonal Communication 7 Reference 8 Introduction The project tries to explore some of the essential management skills which should be developed by management graduates and also the organizational professionals…
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Improve skills
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Download file to see previous pages Finally, three different ways of attaining the above skills has been presented in the project for each of the skills. Improvement Area 1 Diversity As per the survey designed to evaluate skills, diversity was the most important aspect which requires to be improved. It is realized that it is most important to inculcate diversity in the personality in order to flexibly manage the influence of external changes on the personality. The most effective way of improving on the above skill would be to adopt new ways of thinking for a particular issue. This could be possible by inculcating the best ways in which people act in various situations. The best way would be to take account of the different challenges, diverse strengths, and interests in a particular situation and resolve the same in the most effective way. This would be effective in developing a personality which would be suited for handling a wide variety of situations. The diverse nature of personality would be able to efficiently handle different challenges and hurdles in different situations (Kinicki, 2009). Another way of acquiring diversity skills would be to work in such groups which comprises of members who are different in characteristics and nature. This would allow the adoption of a wide range of knowledge and skills which would further stimulate divergent thinking. It would help in learning to manage conflicts, handle negative emotions and enhance effective communications (Kruglanski & Higgins, 2004, p.168). Mentoring would be another possible way of enhancing diverse and developing diverse skills. Paring of a junior employee with a senior one helps to create learning and promotional opportunities for people. This could also include pairing individuals from different cultural backgrounds, races, gender, etc. This method helps to remove stereotypical behaviors, beliefs and attitudes among individuals and broaden their knowledge base (Williams, 2008, p.461). Improvement Area 2 Attitudes The development of positive attitudes was realized as one of the most important requisites of being management professionals as they play to success in many cases. First of all a person needs to know which attributes are unique to him only. It is crucial to develop and enhance that skill as it adds to the motivation for mastering the knowledge which is required to reach the goals. It is important to actively undertake responsibilities, honestly pursue them and on successful completion of the task, accept compliments from oneself (White, 2005, p.4). A person could try and overcome shortcomings in his personality. This would include developing skills in areas where the person lacks confidence and gain expertise in that field. The growth of knowledge and skills in a domain in which a person lacks expertise helps develop self confidence and develops positive attitudes in the individual (Verma, 2005, p.11). It is important to focus on hard work and think positively about oneself. The idea is to out the maximum effort in what the person wants to achieve and not to give up easily. It is also important to create better impression on others which in turn encourages them to help him (Rinke, n.d.). Improvement Area 3  Self Concept Self concept is based on self evaluation. It is important that the individual makes his self assessment correctly in order to develop self ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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