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Causal Factors Regarding Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders - Essay Example

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This paper seeks to discuss casual factors, their implications and possible mitigation regarding students with emotional and behavioral disorders in relation to biological, family, school and cultural contexts. …
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Causal Factors Regarding Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
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Download file to see previous pages Emotional and behavioral disorders may exist at the same time with other disabilities within an individual student. From the biological domain, there exist certain factors that could cause emotional and behavioral disorders. These may include affective disorders, schizophrenic disorders, anxiety disorders or any other persistent conduct maladjustments that undesirably affect educational outcomes of the student. These could be identified through self-directed and over controlled emotional and behavioral factors such as somatic problems, anxiety, social withdrawal or isolation and depression (Merrell & Walker, 2004).
Within the school context, disruption, noncompliance and aggression constitute factors that could cause emotional and behavioral disorders in students. These may be identified through lack of focused attention, continued disruption of other students, isolation and avoidance or escaping demands of class work and assignments. These students may also not carry out tasks and assignments as expected of them. From the context of the family, health factors, physical symptoms and pervasive mood constitute causal factors of emotional and behavioral disorders. Poor health status, depression, unhappiness remain identifiable features of these causal factors. Furthermore, social isolation, comprise the cultural context. These causal factors would be identified through the inability of these students to build and maintain acceptable interpersonal relationship with others. In addition, they have fear, engage in antisocial and deviant behaviors, lack remorse and select or develop their own set of behavioral rules that govern their conduct (Merrell & Walker, 2004).
These causal factors would be identified through the inability of these students to build and maintain acceptable interpersonal relationship with others. In addition, they have fear, engage in antisocial and deviant behaviors, lack remorse and select or develop their own set of behavioral rules that govern their conduct (Merrell & Walker, 2004). Criteria of identifying causal factors in EBD Several methods have become suggested by different researchers of emotional and behavioral disorders as applicable to the identification of the factors causing the disability. In this regard, the use of the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) technique would be appropriate in identifying these causal factors in students. The use of this technique involves the identification of the relationship between causes and effects in relation to a specific behavior and environmental incidents. Applied Behavior Analysis technique also takes into account other characteristics that could be put into consideration while identifying causal factors. Such characteristics include the ability of behavior to be learnt, changed and be influenced by environmental consequences. Moreover, the technique focuses on the behavior rather than the disability and entails the use of game plans in changing behavior. The use of behavioral principles, behavior change measurement and exclusion of emotional relations as underlying cause also forms part of the criteria employed in Applied Behavior Analysis technique (Yell et al., 2009). Impacts of causal factors on students with EBD The characteristics of behavior may be determined by their outcomes on behavior. Causal factors that remain as unconditional or conditioned have considerable impacts on the behavior of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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